Battery duration Intel Core i5-1340P vs. AMD Ryzen 5 7640U

My goal is to maximize the battery duration. I previously owned a Framework 13 i5 12th gen, and it only lasted 3.5 hours (Windows, streaming a movie, discussions with Framework for half a year, we couldn’t find a solution, support concluded “everything normal”). In theory I love the Framework, but for a laptop I need more than 3.5 hours duration.

Do I understand correctly that the AMD can be lowered to 15 TDP, while the Intel is stuck at 28 TDP? So in theory the AMD at 15 TDP should last nearly twice as long as the Intel?


The tdp means very little in reguard to battery life (asuming you mean normal use and not like compiling the linux kernel on battery), not to mention that amd and intel don’t even use the same method to determine it. You can turn down the tdp of both way below 15 using software if you really wanted to

Looking at the battery life performance of previous gen amd mobile chips like the 6800u (and mind you the 7x40 series is on a newer process node and has an improved core design) there is a relatively good chance that the 7x40u in the framework will outperform it’s 13th gen intel counterparts in battery life but if and by how much remains to be seen (the cpu is only part of the equation, the laptop design plays a major role too).

If I was you I’d just wait for reviewers to get their hands on one of the amd ones and test.


Watching this thread to see if anyone posts the AMD battery life.

Hopefully, can compare it with the Intel 15th Gen in the future too.

Thank you @Adrian_Joachim ! Hasn’t the AMD version been shipping for a couple of months now, so shouldn’t there be a comparison/review somewhere?

How do I turn down the TDP with Intel? Couldn’t find any software to do that (Windows).

Not that I know of. The only amd mainboard in the “wild” I know of is the one linus got.

There are some devices using similar chips out at this point (like the rog ally and bigger laptops with the h/hs variants and dedicated gpus) but while they give us a glimpse at the performance they are not a great proxy at the battery life since they are such a different platforms.

Ah then I misinterpreted the config page:
With the first framework laptop version, the batches were spread out over different months. So will all AMD Batches be delivered in Q4 then?

Apparently the first batch should ship in Q3: AMD Batch 1 Guild - #19 by Matthew_Quarisa – okay, so I am looking forward to the reviews then :slight_smile:

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Wondering if there are any updates on this now

Hi Forrest, I’ve had a few laptops over the years which met or exceeded the results observed from Notebook Check. These are their results for the 7840u.

I run linux and have been fine tuning the power usage on my FW13 7640u and have shared my experience here.

TLDR: after some test & tune, I’m seeing 10-11 hrs of use on my FW13. Notebookcheck reports 12 hrs of use from the 7840u powered FW13 on Win11.


Your linked guide will be very useful, thank you for sharing!