Intel 12th Gen Batch 4 guild

Maybe you’re among the lucky ones: I have seen no change on my order in 9 days.
But the month is not yet over so I can’t complain.

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FWIW, I pre-ordered October 5 and nothing so far… It looks to me like DIY modes ship much quicker than built ones.

Finally my UK-bound order from the 1st of October has shipped!! It left Taiwan yesterday and has arrived this morning in Paris, France. Estimated delivery is Wednesday, but who knows if I am lucky and get it earlier…


In coming today!

Should be at the office by about 11am… which is great… but I’m not in the office today…

However, I will make an exception, and timing works great as I can then set this old Dell off to do some number crunching for me that will take time and use the FW to do the writing on.


Just received mine today! It was shipped on the 14th, but Fedex made it go through very strange detours. I installed my own SSD and RAM in it, and I’m typing from it right now. Installing Linux Mint went very quickly, but I still have a lot of stuff to setup. Very happy with the general feel of the laptop. To those curious, this is the path that it took to get to me:

  1. Ta Yuan, Taiwan
  2. Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
  3. Anchorage, Alaska
  4. Memphis, Tennessee
  5. Reno, Nevada
  6. Memphis, Tennessee (back again)
  7. Winnipeg, Manitoba (cleared customs)
  8. Roissy, France
  9. Newark, New Jersey
  10. Memphis, Tennessee (and again)
  11. Winnipeg (at this point I was really hoping it wouldn’t be shipped to France again)
  12. Vancouver, British-Columbia (FINALLY)
  13. Richmond, British-Columbia

Well, it was at the office by 9:15, so I made it in about an hour later. Got home, and within 10mins had it ready to start up (fitting RAM and SSD).


Got mine today as well. I wonder what I will do tonight…

Edit: Spent time installing tripleboot of Xubuntu, Fedora and Pop. I think Fedora will be the daily driver but time will tell.


Ours arrived today,
DIY 12th gen i5 etc,

For anyone interested in using theirs as a docked workstation/gaming box, we have ours working with a Sapphire Gearbox 500 (w/included AMD 6600 xt) eGPU enclosure to a 1440p monitor. Worked almost right off the bat, no problems with drivers and whatnot.


I received mine! Over the weekend I got it all setup to my liking. DIY with 32GB of RAM, 2TB Samsung 980 Pro, 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, and Kubuntu 22.04 running kernel 5.19.17.

So far I’m very happy. I write software full time and this i5-1240P is noticeably faster than the i5-10210U in my first gen ThinkPad T14. Both the build quality and the keyboard are better than I was expecting.