Intel 12th Gen Batch 4 guild

Yes that is what I settled on after testing 125% first.

Edit: with a 17 inch laptop cooler pad [5 fans] underneath a 16 core stress test was run (4 minutes). The first 2 cores maxed out and triggered the CPU cooler fan and then settled in the high 80’s; all the other cores ran temps in the 70’s and 80’s (Celcius)

I am definitely going to be running this most often on a laptop cooler stand. It has heaps of video transcoding work to get through. This is looking good if I can hold those temps over many hours working.


Still waiting for that payment/shipping email… Has anyone from the UK gotten their batch 4 laptop shipped?

@yetiman_64 laptop cooler is surely helping keep it under 90 when hitting all cores, I like what I’m seeing.

If you look at the spreadsheet you can see shipping to UK few days ago, as well as other EU countries. Expect to get those emails soon.


Yeah I’ve set the UI scaled to 150% also (and fonts an extra 1.05% on top of that) so that both apps are comfortable to read and the workspace isn’t unusably small.

I’ve just spent the last few days playing whack-a-mole with all the non-native apps like Signal and Steam to make them not show up blurry, but it’s getting there.


Looking at the spreadsheet, it seems batch 4 orders from the US are delayed. There’s a rumor that some parts have been held up in customs. Any news?

All Batch 4 orders should be fulfilled by end of October early November, if we consider Batch 3 as a rough estimate.

The spreadsheet is crowd sourced, don’t take it too seriously other than general idea of when to expect things to happen.
If you are concerned, check in with support. They should give you some idea when to expect your laptop.

Which distro are you using?

From what I understand, this is a Xwayland issue. KDE Plasma 5.26 made a new setting available for scaling these apps themselves or let the system handle it.

Ubuntu 22.10 per the above, but with vanilla-gnome-desktop installed rather than Unity, running under Wayland.

It’s mostly been a case of working out how to force apps to use Wayland rather than X. As soon as you do that, fractional scaling typically starts working fine.

The big exception is probably going to be native Steam & games, but I have a seperate Linux gaming rig for that which isn’t fractionally scaled, so no problem there.

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Just got my “Preparing to ship” email.

Which was confusing as I missed the “Batch shipping this month email”…


It arrived today :tada: :tada:
Time to set it up


Hooray I got the preparing for shipping email today.


And now just got the payment complete email… it’s all getting closer…

Which is good because my 6yo old Dell Precision has now been running for 10hrs doing some data work in R for me… the main use case for a higher spec processor and 32GB of RAM for me.


@Paddler You and me both. Looking forward to the new laptop.


Spent all my free time today getting things up and running, so far, all is good. Really liking my new laptop.
I’m seeing temps around 40C mostly. Fans ramped up alot in bios settings for some reason, but where quiet most of the time, strange behavior.

Do share any useful resources you may find on this.

See here for an explanation:

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And now the shipping email!

Seems to be some of the process has sped up looking at the spreadsheet - a fair few have been getting 1 day or less between stages now.

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Oh, I hope that means I will be getting my shipping email? I woke up this morning to the payment complete email

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@Second_Coming thanks for pointing that out, I will look into the fan curve soon.

Definitely, I didn’t expect mine to ship to me in under 3 days, Praise the Logistics team, these guys are doing awesome work.


Am I the only Canadian on here who saw their shipped Framework go from Taiwan to Anchorage to Winnipeg to… France?! Initially, FedEx was projecting that I would receive the parcel on the 19th. Two days later, and it went from Winnipeg to France… :person_facepalming:t2:

Edit: it’s back in North America now. Pheww. Went from France to Newark, and then to Memphis. What an odyssey.


Same for me. 2 days shipping, it’s just damn impressive.