Intel 12th Gen Batch 4 guild

Just preorderd a batch 4 in ~Australia~ :tada:

DIY i7-1260P, 2x16G DDR4’s, byo storage, power adaptor, 2xUSB-C, 1xUSB-A, 1xHDMI, 1xDP.

i7-1260P because I can convince myself that the extra cache will be useful for compiling, and the extra GPU MHz & EU’s will make some games a bit less painful.

Ordered memory since the cost seemed doable and I’m too busy to care about finding compatible sticks on my own. BYO storage since I’ll… byo.

Anyone have any goss on actual shipping dates?


Little suggestion for you with the expansion cards, get 4 of the USB-C/USB-A as the others have quite a bit of idle power draw. For delivery dates, I’d assume later in the month.

Ah thanks for the heads-up. Really don’t need any more ports (almost didn’t buy the USB-A since I don’t have any A cables/devices any more), so maybe I’ll get a few snack drawers.

Hi from NZ, Good to hear of other Aus/NZ users - pleasantly surprised to be notified my Batch 3 is in prep for shipping since I only ordered this last week. Must have snuck in just before the closing date :slight_smile:

DIY i7-1280P, 2x32G DDR4’s, 1TB SN850, 2xUSB-C, 2xUSB-A.

Convinced myself to max out processing & RAM from the start, esp since I’ll be processing and registering a bunch of terrestrial laser scans and high res 360 pano photos with HDR exposure bracketing. I suspect I’ll be adding eGPU at some stage too.

Like you I opted in favour of compatibility and simplicity over sweating the last $$ value with locally sourced RAM and SSD.


Just ordered:

DIY i5-1240P, 1x32GiB, 500GB SN750, 3xUSB-C, 2xUSB-A, 1xHDMI

I don’t think I will be doing any heavy lifting, except for a game here and there, so I thought more ram would be better money spent than the i7. We’ll see how soon before I throw another 32GiB in there. Also, if space becomes an issue I will most likely snag the 1TB expansion card so I can have the portability with all that storage for only another $150usd


I am happy that I can finally order my Framework in Australia (Batch 4).
I have ordered a DIY i7-1260P, as the middle processor seems like a good balance to me.
I went with 2x16GB ram from framework as it seemed to hard finding good compatible ram elsewhere, probably more ram than I need.
I bought a 2TB sn770 elsewhere as I wanted lots of storage and framework had only an overpriced sn850 on offer.
Went with 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A, 1 HDMI, 1 DP, 1 MicroSD and the power adapter.
Planning on running Linux Mint.
I hope it actually comes in October.


My batch 4 order specs placed on the 2nd September …

@Wombat, I sure hope it makes it here in October as well. Though going on some of the other batches it may arrive November; hopefully no later than November though. That sure is a very Aussie username you’ve picked :grin:.
Edit: almost forgot; either Ubuntu or Xubuntu will be my OS installed.
Cheers, yeti.

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FWIW I’ll be putting Ubuntu on mine. I just wish that there was a different Debian based system that ships stock, up-to-date GNOME. :confused:

For you batch 4 people who haven’t seen it yet, be sure to fill out your orders on the sheet. FWOrdersCrowdsourceTrack - Google Sheets


Done. That was interesting to work out. Its been over 20 years since I’ve used a spreadsheet, probably closer to 25 years :slight_smile: .


Thanks! Done!

Interesting that people not in Australia ordering now are still getting put in batch 3 ahead of us. Surely there’s not something au-specific in the builds?


I would suspect that Australia being the newest market opened there may be logistical, legal, shipping and import issues to iron out before shipments can occur. Hence any orders from Australia will automatically go to batch 4 whereas orders from previously open markets can be processed immediately. I’m not entirely sure that is what is going on but from what I’ve been reading here that sounds like it might be close.

It sure is hard when I’m so keen to get a hold of this laptop to see others going into earlier batches after me as well. Here’s hoping our next email comes soon.


Nope, from what has been said to me after a support request it is just the 3PL warehouse getting setup.

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@Josh_Cook. Thanks, its good to know the exact reason. I’d read there are many hurdles to set up such an operation, and assumed that was it.

I wasn’t certain so I specified …

I hadn’t heard about the warehouse issue, but is good to know for sure. Cheers.

Got my “preparing to ship” email last night! :partying_face:

Spreadsheet updated.


Woke up to the same email - pleasant surprise to start the month. Let’s hope for payment and shipping within a week.


@mjog, same here. Very nice surprise email to wake up to this morning. :smiley:

I’ve updated my entry on the spreadsheet as well.


I also got my “preparing to ship” email. I was expecting later in the month so it was a nice surprise.
I have updated the spreadsheet.


Yes indeed!

Reading the tea leaves from the stats tab in the spreadsheet, the median time to the payment step (i.e. between steps 3 & 4) is only one day, but 3rd quartile is 3.25 - so I think we can could expect that maybe by Tuesday morning (since I assume the difference is basically 1 day during the week, or 3 days over the weekend?). Then median time after payment to shipping is only three days.

So perhaps pretty doable to see it shipped next week? Very exciting! :smiley:


Another Australian order; not got the magic email yet, and my RAM and SSD are doing a cross country trip thanks to AusPost… (Scorptec have compatible RAM and SSDs locally)

DIY 1260 + adaptor + 2xUSB-C +1x USB-A + 1x HDMI (Which I’m now 2nd guessing and might change to another USB-C)

Delay on my side might be the English keyboard specified, so we’ll wait and see.

(Also Paddler on the Spreadsheet)