Intel core generations

Yo, really interested in your product at framework But have not jumped on to buy quite yet as i am wondering what generation Intel core you guys are using. I assume it’s eleventh gen, But i need a computer with ninth gen or below, is it possible to get a computer from framework without a CPU because that would be really nice.


These are 11th generation.

They probably won’t be going backwards in design.

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Why do you need 9th gen or below?

I recommend ebay for older hardware.

Nope. they’re not backwards compatible and they’re soldered on for 11th gen (and probably earlier gens, I’m just not familiar with those).

However, it will likely be possible in the future to get a Framework laptop without a mainboard on the upcoming marketplace.

Still doesn’t fit this persons (rather niche) use case. I doubt you’d be able to find any non-FW motherboard that would fit inside the chassis

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