Framework 13th gen i5 discontinued?

Hey guys,
I was just looking at the shop and noticed, that the i5 is not available. Does anyone know, if the intel boards will be discontinued, now that AMD is available, or is there just a shortage of i5 boards?

Thanks for your help

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They are not being discontinued. Most likely they’ve sold through their stock of i5 1340p boards and are waiting for more.


Thanks for the Info, I thought it might maybe not be possible for framework to maintain both amd and intel systems since they are such a small company

The main board shows as coming soon in the market place. The i5 pre-built is also still in stock.

There was more demand than we anticipated when we went into stock, so temporarily the i5 DIY Edition is out of stock while we build more.


Can you estimate when the DIY version with the i5 1340p will be available again?

An ETA would be fantastic, I need a laptop for school and if its going to take too long I might end up having to order elsewhere.

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Yes. If there was an ETA, people could estimate if it is worth waiting or if they should look somewhere else. The i7 version is not a real alternative.

It looks like they are back in stock.

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Glad to hear it! Ordering one now :slight_smile: