Intel Core i7-1195G7

There seems to be some leaked information about a new processor (i7-1195G7) in the Tiger Lake-U lineup. Not much is known about it yet, but speculation is that it runs about 100 MHz slower than the i7-1185G7 at base frequency and about 200 MHz faster at boost frequency. If this processor ends up offering substantial gains over the i7-1185G7 (some initial tests show it performing 10-12% faster), will Framework consider adding this option for the DIYers? I’ve already pre-ordered and would definitely be interested if this processor is a noticeable upgrade for more demanding tasks. I know testing would be necessary, but would the Framework laptop be able to handle the thermal load from a chip that will likely run hotter than the i7-1185G7?

@Kaveh_Aflakian according to a different post from the team, there is a lot of thermal headroom.