Internal monitor status after reboot with lid down

Hi. I have noticed this odd behaviour with the 12th gen framework laptop that none of my other laptops exhibit, and I am not sure if it’s intentional or not.

In my setup I have the laptop connected to an external enclosure which is, in turn, connected to my main monitor. Most of the time I keep the laptop’s lid closed. The problem is that, when I do a restart the internal screen comes up and stays up even though the lid remains down. This is quite annoying because it requires me to manually open and close the lid in order for the OS (Windows 11 in this case) to detect the screen configuration change and disable the internal display. None of my other laptops exhibit this behaviour. Everything else works ok (i.e. I can set the external monitor as main display, etc.).

Does anyone know of any fixes? If not, to me, this seems like a BIOS related issue, so with the upcoming version 3.06, I am hoping framework could have a look at this and maybe give us the option to keep the internal screen disabled during boot if the lid is down.