13" won't disable internal Screen on closed Lid bootup


I’ve exactly the same problem as: Internal monitor status after reboot with lid down

When booting with the Lid closed (in my case Bios setting: boot on power connected) the internal display stays on, to close it. I’ve to open and close the Laptop Display.

Login Screen is on internal Screen → Other monitors stay black → bootup state for user is not visible.
when logged into Windows, a third screen which is invisible is also not that nice :sweat_smile:.

  • OS: Win11 (Build 22621)
  • Framework: 13th (i7 1360p)
  • I’ve not found a setting for that in the Bios, but I’ve also not tried disabling/enabling “random” settings.

Is there any other information i can provide to track this issue down?

I have the same issue with my 13" Ryzen unit, tried different combinations in the BIOS on Setup Utility > Advanced > ‘Standalone operation’ and ‘Standalone detection’ but no combinations solve the issue.

When the lid is closed, the screen is still on and the system is running, causing lots of heat and high power draw when put in bag. It does sleep when the timer in Windows (defaulted to 4 minutes), but that does not help as I don’t want it to sleep when the lid is closed. It almost seems like the system is not detecting the lid closing.

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 22H2 Build 19045
  • Framework: Ryzen 13" 7640U

That seems like another problem, as i only have the problem of the internal display not turning of when booting and simultaneously being connected to a powersource and a closed lid. (Connected to a dock)