Introducing the Framework Laptop 16

I’m really loving this new design and the massive step up in scope of the project, but could we please have some better naming schemes? Like, could one of the models be called “Framework Theseus” or something cool like that? oh well, If my only complaint is that the name could be better, I think they’re doing pretty well. I’m considering passing off my old 13" to my brother or possibly running Klipper on it as a console for my Ender 3.

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A really large section sticking out the back might do the job. Or a full-on “bottom plate”.
I honestly don’t think that one will make it. And honestly I’m fine with that.

I have a slim Dell DW 316 external. When spinning cheap disks at 16x (such as Windows installs) the vibration is so bad it will scoot across the desk even though it has thick rubber feet. I have to put a book on top. And the internal tray, while having suspension, would shake on its own and making a awful lot of noise, you can hear it from next door. For someone that reads/write disks very frequently none of this is really acceptable.

A 5.25 inch desktop drive with a adapter/dock is probably my go-to if I want to read disks frequently. They are metal, nicely built and heavy (so they wont move around), and have auto retraction.

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so true, those 5.25 inch CD/DVD drive bays for desktop use, are very nice. :smiling_face:

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Watching both Gamers Nexus and Linus talk about their editors using gaming laptops for editing on the road, I think another major benefit to the Framework 16 is that it doesn’t have the obnoxious gamer aesthetics plastered all over it. We still don’t know the price or specs, but I have to imagine a lot of professionals would prefer a more discreet laptop whose keyboard doesn’t clack loudly while attending a presentation at a convention.


@IndependentGeorge Agree entirely, I think it looks tasteful even for what it’s designed for…

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Glossy 4K OLED panel like this and I’ll buy it day one:

I know it most likely won’t happen (for logistical and pricing reasons, and frankly most people are fine with or even prefer LCDs), but that’s the only thing missing for me.

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Well dang… literally JUST opened up my ‘new’ (bought months ago but been sitting in its box since cos I couldn’t face the HUGE learning curve coming from Mac) 13" and now I see what I would’ve bought to replace my 2012 15" MBP…

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It’s spring up north and the grass gets greener with the rain and sun.

I know what you mean, and I’ve had the same ‘feeling’ but it just goes to show how addicted a user is to upgrades. :frowning:

16" Hmm! How about a planet upgrade from 6Km to 16Km (radius) then we can exploit more ~ bigger, better, brighter, bag it now.

Seize the Day

Get with the moment, not the movement :slight_smile:

Is there any estimate as to the cost and timeframe?

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Yes a guess
June 21st

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While it is true that desktop grade gpu’s offer more performance but seeing as the thunderbolt 3/4 limitation is pcie x4 I would argue that the performance wouldn’t be that much more. I don’t think it’d be worth the 300 to 400 dollars extra for the external GPU enclosure and the additional GPU you would have to purchase.

The Dell G-series I used to look pretty forward to, as they are pretty low-key.
They are still low-key, compared to regular gaming laptops like RoG or Legion, but they start to show “flamboyant sticking-out pieces”.

Will the Intel version be Raptor Lake or Meteor Lake?

Hi Christopher and welcome to the forum

It has been stated and repeated that specs will be available soon. You may want to watch some videos etc. for info

Search this topic for [specs] too

@amoun Ok, I see. Thanks for your reply

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Despite the ‘Raptor Lake’ 13th generation producing some of the best processors we’ve ever seen, there are concerns that Meteor Lake will see smaller generational improvements.
Intel claims its 3nm CPUs are not delayed, will land in 2024 | TechRadar
The Meteor Lake 3nm won’t be out till 2024


Intel plans to launch 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs in 2023 and 15th Gen Arrow Lake

So it looks like the meteor lake will have a new die so a bit more main board design for 14th Meteor and 15th Arrow Lake with the 3nm bits

Really confused with small up/down arrow buttons. If we will not have option with full size up/down buttons (like Lenovo does) - I am not interested.

Unfortunately highly unlikely due to the small vertical space available for the modules (around 1-3 mm). Like even if you could get a speaker in that size, it would probably sound way worse than one of a more appropriate size that fires down.

Hi @Kelly_Wu, while I was reading through the thread I didn’t see anyone respond to this, so:

Yes, in the LTT video Linus demonstrates the trackpad can be positioned off-center (to the left or right) so it sits directly below the home keys in case a numpad is in use.

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oooooooooh what a good name idea