Introducing the new and upgraded Framework Laptop

Different areas have different warranties so check that carefully.
US has 1 year EU has 2 year

Framework warrants that Framework branded products, parts, and modules (“Product”) when used in accordance with Framework documentation and guidance, are and will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery of the Product (the “Warranty Period”). However, if you purchase the Product for delivery to the UK, EU or EFTA, the Warranty Period shall be two (2) years.
Framework | Framework | Warranty

That’s my point. I’ve circled “/ca/en/”…and both 2-year and 1-year appear on the SAME page.

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Yes but not knowing or trying to buy via ‘Canada’ the screen info isn’t evident.

Man it’s been what, 9-10 months since I first caught wind of the framework laptop, hundreds of updates and blog posts, a new generation model and I still after all this time cannot get my hands on one. Might as well just buy something else at this point

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@Aurelio Using a Framework Symbol is a great idea! Even if it just said “SUPER” or a Superman S logo instead of the lame Windows icon would be a huge improvement.

The notion is that Framework and other manufacturers get the OEM Windows much cheaper if they have the logo on the keyboard.

It still may be true that Windows is free to manufacturers on tablets/laptops where the screen is under 9.1". Hence my little Win 10 tablet with 2GB Ram was only £60 many years ago.

@amoun Yes I understand that is why. I find it gross to have to have a branded Windows logo when I am using Linux. Most OEMs saying yes to having a Windows logo on their keyboard is part of the reason why I choose to not support those businesses with my money.


That’s just silly imo. Why should Framework charge more for their product when they don’t have to? I promise for every customer that cares as you do and would appreciate the super key being generic, there would be 10 wondering why the enormous upcharge on Windows licenses. Besides, this company lends itself to modding, you aren’t forced to use that keyboard if you are that opposed. You could do as @CJ_Elevated did and build a custom housing that holds the Framework within a mechanical keyboard. Or jerry-rig your own keyboard (somehow) that fits within the chassis if you really want to spend the time and money doing so. With drop-in motherboard upgrades, that effort wouldn’t even be wasted moving to a new platform.

Even better you could just order the blank keyboard then print on it.


Yep, that’s :100: the way to do it.

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I completely agree that they are essential, and I’ve been sure to monitor the new bios versions and update when I know they’re stable! But I don’t need it to auto-update for me. I appreciate knowing that my current system works, and that it won’t suddenly change without my knowledge. When Windows took on that attitude it caused huge problems, I can’t gamble with that on a machine where I do all my work.

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This made me chuckle, thanks ;D. I agree that presentation matters, I’m just not convinced any of those points seriously impacted the quality of presentation. Though I suppose some will disagree.

Agreed, but I don’t think it should be there by default. It doesn’t take all that long to find the bios update thread :stuck_out_tongue: .

The option to choose if any individual user wants a ‘bloatware’ to check / notify for BIOS / drivers updates needs to be available as a separate binary download / installation. This doesn’t exist today. Convenience and choices come under the “quality of life enhancement”. A demonstration of the overall quality of a product or service, and the thoughtfulness that went fulfilling it.

In part, it can be seen as a polish / maturity thing.

Right now, there’s no option / choice other than “You must check the forum”.

Similar to the reason why we have 4 user-swappable expansion cards: Removing the “You must have an HDMI port”…or “You must have a USB-A port”… Instead, it’s providing an option of “You can have this OR that”.

Or, take the SN850 firmware update for example. “You must update the firmware via Windows”…not cool.

The ability to recognise there needs to be different options made available equally for different people is meant to be a strength in design decision making.

For now though, I guess sales figures are more important to a startup, any startup.

Question: Has Framework looked into the voltage situation of the USB-C ports? And can we expect this resolved in the 12th gen boards (if it’s at all a known issue)?

Devices on USB-C Card disconnecting - Framework Laptop - Framework Community

USB Software Defined Radio Errors - Community Support - Framework Community

…and nrp & team was still looking into this:
1TB expansion card disconnects randomly - Community Support - Framework Community

and possibly this as well:
Found a USB device that won’t work, what feedback do you folks need? - Framework Laptop - Framework Community

All in all, there appears to be some kinks to be ironed out…wherever that lies.

Not clear if those kinks exist on the 12th gen board, or not. Or maybe it’s only specific to 11th gen boards.


Concerning battery life, the XPS 13 has the same 55Wh.
With a moderate usag and an OLED display they get 5H to 6H45 batterie with a TDP of 20W.
Without an OLED display eventually framework laptop will get 4H to 5H45 ???
Will it possible to go down to ~15W TDP when on battery like U series, because 4H is very limited. (I get 5H with 2018 thinkpad E590 45wh)

Would it be possible to shutdown some P cores to have only two active like on the 15W U series ???

Bottom line I want to be on the move for the day and be sure I can count on my laptop for websurfing and video for the day;) 5H is what I have on my current laptop and its the spor where you have to think about it… If I work 4H at a café I have to find a plug… getting to 6-7H is the sweet spot.

Yes, it should be in BIOS.
Also you should be able to set artificial power limits in Throttlestop!

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Do you mean you already have this kind of option in the bios of 11th gen framework ?

Concerning throtlestop I remember play in ng with it back in the day with not much success. Was more fun playing trying to undervolt the CPU with intel stuf.
Now on linux.
I suppose tuning power consumption this new tech intel 12th gen will take quite some efforts and updates to bios and linux kernel

Yup, we can disable cores (not specific ones though), as well as disable turbo and Hyper-Threading etc in bios.

Throttlestop has a lot of options that don’t work with most CPUs these days, but Power Limits are still useful!


Can you tell us if the modules have been improved Hardware wise with this release of the framework gen 2 ?

A lot of issues have been discussed here on idle power consumption, disconnections, power shortages …

12th gen mainboards are now available for purchase on the marketplace (even in Europe).