Introducing the new and upgraded Framework Laptop

Where would I find one of these mate?

Email support and ask them :slight_smile:

I’d try that first, they’re usually quick to respond (although now might be a busy time). I don’t know how quickly they ship your specific configuration to where you live, but if they don’t reply within a day or so, I’d cancel the order as they cannot change it anymore once it’s packaged.

I’m in the exact same position, and I just requested to cancel my order via the website. They responded in a few minutes.

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Heh, searching for 12th gen benchmarks and the news is already out, right at the top of the search page:

They seem to confuse the top lid with the battery performance improvements though.


DDR4, interesting. That makes the upgrade easier, I suppose. Might also be why we haven’t heard about a Team Red offering yet (I think 6000 and 7000 are DDR5 only). Then again I think we were all surprised (despite the impatience) at how soon we’d get the 12th gen Team Blue boards.

It’s great to see an upgraded motherboard and enforced lid. I’m a bit disappointed by the LCD which remains the same.

Really exciting announcement! I’m blown away by the idea that I can just drop in this new mainboard while keeping everything else the same in my system. Huge sustainability points, love it.

It’s definitely too early for me to upgrade the mainboard, but as future generations come out and I find a use for my old one, I’ll be paying close attention :). I’m definitely buying that top cover right away though, it’ll be so nice to get rid of that flex…

The Ethernet expansion card is a little goofy, but I appreciate that the option is out there and I get that it’s a tricky form factor.


Feels like perfect moment to bring Framework to… Poland maybe? :smiley: great announcement!

Yessssss new mainboard!

Love the transparent housing for the ethernet expansion and the new 12th-gen option, also I’m assuming with the new top cover the wobbling problem would be solved so I don’t think there’s any more reason (except for maybe touchscreen) to pass this laptop up anymore. (personally)

2,5Gbits, did I read that right??? I’m in love.


This is fantastic news. I’m really looking forward to ordering the upgrade kit from the marketplace. I already know what I’m going to do with my old mainboard!!!

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I have the 11th gen board and I’ve used a 45W usb type c charger. If I’m REALLY hammering away on my device (playing video games or compiling large projects) then my battery would slowly drain, but otherwise 45W is enough.

This is very impressive. I wouldn’t have expected such an announcement at this time. Considering external challenges and the hurdles usually faced by a small and growing company, I felt something like this would come 2023…

And most importantly, you kept your key promise and doubled down with things like improving the lid and making it available as an upgrade (once you have stock I guess).

In my view, instead of depreciating the value of the Gen1 Framework, as would be the case with most manufacturers older devices, you’re actually appreciating the value by providing these upgrade paths.

I’d like to say I’m sold, but I already own a Framework. And I’m quite happy with it.


Very exciting! I’ve been waiting for a newer cpu to be offered to purchase. Curious about the graphics chip of the i7-1280P. Is it the Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 96EUs or the 80EUs? The page only says it’s Iris XE Graphics.

The GPUs between the 11th gen and 12th gen are identical, with the 12th gen i7s clocked a little higher.

The 1260P and 1280P have 96 EUs while the 1240P has 80 EUs.


Is there going to be any trade-in program for the 11th gen mainboard and top cover?

e.g. For people who aren’t DIYers / makers / creators, there ought to be some kind of a recycle program, officially from Framework, to support that environmental aspect of upgrade-ability and sustainability.


Yeah, I’d love something like that! I’m certain that others would be happy to trade in their old parts and pay the difference for the new upgrade!
And I’m not just saying that because I bought my laptop in late April :sweat_smile:, It’s genuinely a good idea.

Does the new cover improve WiFi reception as well? There seems to be these plastic parts embedded into the cover this time around.

Looking forward to the Ethernet module. Will the final product be in the same plastic enclosure? I really love the look.

@BeeAPeach, I noticed that the 12th now supports up to 30W sustained…does that mean the fan and heatsink has been improved as well? If so, can the new “fan & heatsink” unit be retro fitted to 11th gen board? (Assuming it’s mechanically retro-fit-able, such as screw locations, thermal contact points…etc)

Think I’ll wait to see the feedback from the early adopters of the new mainboard before making another purchase… Need time to save up in the piggy bank.

(I seem to have hit “3 replies in the same topic” limit…I’m new here, so adding the response here instead)
I mean, as the new lid has more ‘plastic’ slices, does that mean the new lid provide better signal penetration to/from the antenna?

It looks like the wifi antenna is located in the same spot as the normal cover

I don’t know if this is what you meant though, it should probably get the same reception that it’s currently getting now!

@A_Fan I would think so! If I remember correctly on most smartphones the antenna area is made of plastic for better signal, so it would make sense for the antenna to have better signal penetration if it goes through the plastic slices.