I hate to say it, but needs to thief this idea. All who want full-sized ethernet and full-sized sd cards?

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What part of this product couldn’t be implemented as a third-party add-on? Looks like the magnetic hub for MacBooks already requires applying an adhesive metal band to the laptop, but I don’t understand what makes that preferable to standard docks since you still need to plug in a cable.

MacBooks have a specific distance between both ports meaning that it would not work with framework.

Not the device, the concept. Remove one of the card slots and use a similar bar like this to expose all the ports (like ethernet). As for the magnets. Well framework is full of them, whats a few more.

That makes sense, I currently do not know of a USB-C hub IC that would be able to handle all that portage.

I prefer stand up USB-C docks… take up less space and you don’t have to have your laptop taking up valuable desk space laying down when you are using multiple displays etc. Besides… I hate the idea of a product that will only “fit” on another specific product due to spacing etc!

I want ethernet, but I think a “dock” like that is as unwieldy as anything. your device cant even lay flat in transport and if you take the “dock” off you risk snapping the USB-C connector

I was thinking about that too. Perhaps a magnetic connector would be best to prevent that.