Magnetic charging cable

Hi to everyone,
Just wondering has there been any discussion at all about Framework developing a magnetic charging cable for their laptops?

I don’t think Framework has talked about it. It would certainly be nice, but there would be issues. USB-C PD wasn’t designed for it. Companies, like Apple, who had official magnetic charging designed protection circuity that usb-c lacks. Even if Framework tried to do the same, it would still violate USB specs.

Some community members have used 3rd party adapters. But be aware that using such adapters risks killing the port on your motherboard. Regardless of which particular adapter you use. Googling magnetic adapters killing ports, you’ll find endless reports of it. There is at least one report in the thread on here about magnetic adapters of it happening to someone’s Framework.

Full Power Magnetic Charging Card - #184 by jmariondev


Thanks for the info @MJ1