IOMMU groups for Thunderbolt 4

One use case I will be testing, that I’m not sure if its been tested yet is running a VM on the Framework laptop then passing my egpu dock through to the VM. I can see a potential issue arising where maybe it will not be possible to separate the separate thunderbolt ports into different IOMMU groups and only passing the port for the egpu through to the vm maybe impossible.

I’ll let you know when I get mine and test, but just wanted to bring it up here to see if anyone else has tested this use case.

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We cannot officially comment on thunderbolt support yet.
With that said,
The laptop has the 4 physical ports split into two logical PCIE devices. With the ports on the left side going to one controller and the ports on the right side going to the second controller. So I think if you were ok with 2 ports on one side going to your VM, I think you could use the ports on the other side with your host OS.

I have not validated this, so no guarantees on this actually working or being correct. But if you get to test this out, it would be great to post your results.


Can I just say that you guys being willing to make comments like this of the technical nature that tells us exactly what we’re asking, and explains it is incredible! Fore real kudos to you guys for #1 doing something that really needed to be done in creating a user serviceable laptop, and #2 for your amazing community engagement, keep up the great work!