Is it possible to purchase the chassis, only?

Is it possible to purchase the chassis, only?

In case it gets damaged, or to reuse another motherboard, …

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I don’t think there is a chassis kit, but the top and bottom covers, keyboard, etc. can be purchased separately.


@glenn_murphy, do you know anything about the aluminum skeleton between the top and bottom covers?

The thing that the trackpad and keyboard are attached to? That’s called the"input cover" and they’re available in the shop as well.

Edit: realized we’re talking about the 16. I’m sure the answer will be yes, but that’s just a guess until the devices come out.

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there is a coolermaster case for the 13in and there will be one too for the 16in if you want to reuse an old mainboard


Do you have a source for this?

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pretty sure they showed one at ltx along with an egpu enclosure

edit: here is a video I found

They seem to have only showed a case for the 13" mainboard and not one for the 16" mainboard.

idk the stuff was mostly focused on the FW16 so I kinda assumed it is for the FW16