Is there a better way to buy the enclosure?

Hey all, just bought a framework mainboard that got put in a 3d printed case to functionally be a mini desktop with RAM and an SSD included.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to buy the enclosure (top and bottom covers as well as input cover, display and all associated modules) to turn it back into a laptop or not. I was just looking at prices for the various kits on the site and it’s not cheap in the slightest to get them all individually (top kit, bottom kit, display kit, input kit). Basically, I need the laptop just without the mainboard. It can come DIY or prebuilt, I don’t care, I just don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for this when if I bought the laptop out right, it would be cheaper.

If there is no good way to do it, then I’m fine with just using it as a mini pc, at least it’s still portable! Just not as portable as a laptop.

Any advice is appreciated. Either way, I’m happy to now be a part of the Framework community!


The prebuilt has the SSD, memory, etc preinstalled on the mainboard; with the DIY, the owner installs them. There’s no other difference…

So you’ve got a mainboard and now want to turn it into a laptop? That’s not the expected flow: Framework is assuming people will get mainboards either to replace/upgrade their laptop, or to use in other projects; I don’t think they’re expecting people to get a mainboard first then install it in a Framework shell…

I think your options are either buy a complete Framework laptop and continue using your current mainboard as a desktop machine, or - more interesting and challenging - Frankenstein your mainboard into an old, non-functional laptop.

I agree with lthemick - your best bet is to buy a used machine or one with a bad mobo to swap in your good bits to form out a full machine.

IMHO, Framework should offer a DIY that allows you to buy the plain chassis for exactly purposes like yours where someone has acquired the mainboard separately e.g. for a project but wants a chassis with all the other bits.

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Which is exactly what I’m willing to offer if the price is right, I fried my motherboard and RAM, and I have yet to purchase a replacement board. What price are you willing to offer @Dylan_Larkin?

@GhostLegion I do not plan to sell it at this time. I just bought it, and I do still need it.

Hmm, interesting idea. I assume I would have to do some research into this idea manually to find a chassis that the main board will fit in? Or do laptops have some kind of unspoken standard for mainboard sizing?

@Dylan_Larkin You misunderstood, I’m willing to sell my chassis. I want to sell, not to buy.

@GhostLegion My apologies. What is the condition of your chassis?

@GhostLegion Not sure if you have sold your chassis yet, but I am looking for a replacement. Let me know if you are interested!

@Reid_Chave Oh, I sold it a long time ago tbh. Sorry about that!

@GhostLegion No problem! I have been having trouble finding one, but I’ll keep looking.