Is there a code repo for things to do with the Framework Laptop 16 LED Matrix?

I know that there is a github for the FW GitHub - FrameworkComputer/inputmodule-rs: Framework Laptop 16 Input Module SW/FW but is there anywhere to share cool code that people have written to control the module / show weather/ email notification / anything else?


I will share the code I write for it. I intend to write a system usage monitor for it.


I’d say just create individual repositories and share them here on the forum or create some kind of “awesome-framework-tools” wiki repository, like awesome-selfhosted.

But to answer your question: No I do not know a specific place where you could share stuff like that other than github (or git hoster of your choice).

Well, here is as good as any, if we get lots of submissions I will create a github. Hit me up, I’m batch 8 and waiting to play with the LED’s.