Is there a SysRq or equivalent key on my keyboard?

I ask because I’ve had Ubuntu 22.04 LTS freeze up on me a couple of times and one way to reboot, I think, is Alt + SysRq + B. It’s only happened twice and I’ve held the power button down until it powers off but that isn’t desirable right?

Is there a better way to come out of a completely locked up laptop?

I can’t really pinpoint whats causing it. Today I was exploring some of the installed apps I haven’t looked at before.

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Print Screen can stand in for SysRq!

If you are using the magic sysrq incantation to reboot, make sure you give it a chance to sync and unmount filesystems as well! The sequence I was taught was (Alt+SysRq+) R E I S U B.

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Thanks, I read about (Alt+SysRq+) R E I S U B.

Might be tough hitting all the keys while holding down Alt+SysRq but I’ll give it a try next time.

Ah, I may be missing a joke (sorry!) but you can enter the characters sequentially :sweat_smile: