Is there any plan to build bigger laptop?

Hi, I’m fan of framework’s work.
But I’m still considering to buy framework laptop, because of size.
16 inch is not small, but not enough for me who is tired of how small 16 inch is.
I can wait for it, so let me know do framework has plan for laptop bigger than 18 inch.

I’ll custom it like tablet, so I think framework will be perfect for it.

If you have plan for it, I want it’s ppi over 1.8, color depth 10-bit true, brightness over 600nit.
I’ll be happy to give more than 5k.

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A laptop over 18" isn’t a laptop, its a portable PC, it would be too heavy to even have on your lap which is exactly what a laptop is for, no laptop even exists larger than 18"


@Josh_Cook Laptop is a kind of portable pc, and there is no pc named portable pc.
Even though it’s heavy, it won’t be heavier than my 16 inch 4kg 2080ti laptop.
Where there any laptop like framework?

Dude just get a portable monitor. A 19" laptop is way too niche for framework to make.


@Banana there is no portable monitor too.
I even try to make laptop by my own, such as buy panel and timer, controller.
And I asked does plan exist, not begging like a baby.
Find information before advise someone.

To be fair, 18" laptops do exist.

And there was a time when “luggable” computers were hauled about. He’s just illustrating a use case and asking if they’re considering it, knowing they probably aren’t.

But, Banana pointed something else out that’s quite true - you can even get portable screens that hook on to the base one.

Product: Xebec Tri-Screen 2

Review: The work-from-home dream is a NIGHTMARE. - Xebec Tri-Screen 2 - YouTube

Knockoff version, review: I thought I wasted my money... Turns out I needed this all along! - YouTube

Might be worth considering. Depends on what you’re trying to do, Jumo.

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But he’s looking for larger than 18"

To answer the OP’s question, Framework has announced no plans for an even larger laptop beyond the Framework-16. And they don’t reveal plans until they make official announcements, so in the unlikely event that they were considering a laptop larger than 18" it wouldn’t be revealed.

And I have to agree that laptops larger than 18" are very likely to be way too niche for Framework at this point. Understand that Framework is a small company right now.


@BarriBurt I’ve saw it and considered about it, but not too wide for my sight to reach.
I was considering this without wing display.
So portable display will be an option, but couldn’t find one.

@MJ1 Thanks for your answer. It helped very much. I appreciate your information.

No current plans for anything larger than our upcoming Framework Laptop 16. As @MJ1 mentioned, anything beyond 16"/17" is extremely niche, and the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.


@TheTwistgibber Thanks for official answer! I will always root for framework!


I had a 17" at university. Honestly, never again. it was too big.


Ohhh would this 18" laptop also have Firewire and S-video modules? :rofl:

Why not go full meme like the 21" acer thing that came in a rolling pelican case XD

There are use cases for large (18 inch, or larger in the future) laptops:

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how funny guys up there.
I’m video editor, and need portable great display computer.
If you ever used editing programs such as Davinci resolve, premiere pro, you’ll know my need.
I’m not gamer. That’s why I need this kind of portable display, aka laptop.
It’s okay to make fun of me, but want you to know I’m serious.

I have, quite apart from the fact that premiere pro was one of the worst programs I’ve ever had the misfortune to use (open the titler = instant automatic crash to desktop, guaranteed, no multicore support despite claims to the contrary). I would never use either on a laptop. Some workloads just aren’t suitable for laptops, video processing falls into this category.

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When laptops are deployed to the battlefield where it’s a life or death matter…the issue isn’t with the form factor…but rather, the quality of the hardware and / or the quality of the software.

The ISV certification tax is a real thing…and at times, it really matters.

@Peter_Schofield Strong agree with you, but I don’t have choice.
I should use laptop for editing because I should go to school and edit every single break time.
To me, laptop isn’t choice.

You might be in luck…depending on where you are and what you need…a mobile workstation on sale (Canada):