Is this a good configuration for FL16?

I keep my computers a long time, too. Mine is from 2014!

I still got dual-channel though. I figured if I want to upgrade later, it’ll hopefully be easy enough to sell a 2x16GB kit to someone else on the marketplace and buy replacement 2x32GB kit. Don’t want to give up that dual-channel performance for many years in the hopes of saving a buck later. Moreover, RAM will likely be cheaper in the future anyway, so it’s possible a 2x16GB kit today and a 2x32GB kit in five years will be cheaper than 1x32GB today and 1x32GB in five years.

I see the potential cost savings as a wash, so don’t see a point on ever giving up the dual-channel performance.

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I’m on 12 years. :wink:

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I agree with this. I also have a pretty old laptop, 2016 I think, and the only upgrade I did on it was swapped out the 2TB HDD with a 2TB SSD. It has 16 GB of RAM and I never needed more. My last 2 desktops both have had 32 GB of RAM but I’ve never needed it. I did get 32 GB (2x 16 GB) for my FW16 but that was simply because it was less than $5 more for twice the capacity.