FW16 Batch 21 Guild

Finally decided to order the FW16.
I’m in batch 21, only the order confirmation yet, but I couldn’t find this thread.
Everyone keep us updated on your order :slight_smile:
I got the Ryzen 7, no dGPU.


Ordered mine this morning, I originally had a Batch 4 but cancelled the preorder due to me really not needing a laptop at the time, my current laptop has started giving me issues so I have finally pulled the trigger. (Ryzen 9, no dGPU for now, will pick one up later.)

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Awesome, what ram and storage will you be using?

Ordered mine. This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered, hopefully it will ship before I change my mind again :slight_smile:

I got it full decked out, one of everything except the macro pad. I’m using RAM and SSD that I already have.

Based on historical data provided by Framework Laptop 16 Batch Shipment Chart I’m guessing we’ll get the systems around 6/20, basically two weeks.


Ordered mine on May 29. Got the overkill system w/ GPU and intend to add an additional 1TB 2230 NVME to dual boot Linux/Ubuntu on the secondary drive. Hoping these arrive before July 1!

Ordered mine in this batch as well, just a few days ago. I did a bit of research ahead of time and it seems that currently there’s no charger in existence that can power both the cpu and dgpu at the same time if they’re at high utilization, so I went for a barebones 7840 with blank keyboard, numpad, and LED matrix modules, when we have a charger that can power the beast, I’m going for dgpu and charger, until then I got my own 100W charger that’s gonna be more than sufficient. HYPED AF

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Ordered mine on June 1, intend to use it for medium intensity gaming as well as for my computer science/cybersecurity courses.

Here’s my order, feel free to give me advice as to what I should have done instead: Framework Laptop 16 AMD 7840 + dGPU, 64GB ram, 1TB SSD, RGB Keys, Numpad, color shift spacers
Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 3x USB-A, 3x USB-C, 1x Ethernet
Bring from home: 1TB secondary SSD (small M.2)

ordered me a some what base DIY unit to get me started yesterday. i have plans to upgrade it to full spec down the road few parts at a time. eventuly it will become an overkill system. i hope future upgrade parts come out for the unit in the futue and perhaps a new midplate design that will remove the odd limitations on where you can put the trackpad compared to the keyboard. perhaps we could see a tablet like input in the future so you can have a slot in option where you have no keyboard or mouse. i have a friend that if he gets one he would love an option to delete trackpad alltogether.

I placed my preorder yesterday morning after a few days of researching. My current laptop has a lot of options for upgrading, but it’s been giving me problem after problem. I appreciate the ability to replace things easily on a Framework.

I went all-in on the specs. I decided to pay extra for the RGB keyboard and LED spacers, despite not really feeling the need for them. I figured, if I’m spending a few grand on a laptop, I don’t want to be remotely unhappy with anything. I have some ideas for scripts I can write for the LEDs, so I’ll be tinkering.

I will be getting a 4TB 2280 SSD and 1TB 2230 SSD, and 64GB RAM separately for the cost. For the ports, I went 1x 1TB storage, 1x USB-C, 3x USB-A, and 1x MicroSD. I chose these based on what I use frequently, but will likely get a spare for ethernet. I use Bluetooth headset/speakers, so the audio port isn’t necessary for me.

ordered a few days ago for engineering college
DIY unit with base cpu
got 32GB memory off amazon for like $60 cheaper, 1TB SSD, RGB Keys, Numpad, No GPU

Ports: 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, 1x HDMI, 1x DP, 1x Ethernet, 1x MicroSD

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Well, I had to cancel and re-preorder since I stupidly didn’t add a power adapter with my order. Doing so gave me the opportunity to reconsider my options, though. Opted not to do the LED matrix in hopes that more batches of Joseph Schroedl’s RGB LED matrices become available. I also went with 2x USB-C and no GPU. I’d seen that power consumption falls back on the battery and some other issues with it (re: performance). If a 240W power adapter becomes available, I’ll probably look for an eGPU solution. Bit disheartened, I guess.

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I’m going to revise my prediction to be more optimistic and say we should see them on Monday the 17th. Maybe even sooner if the batch doesn’t sell out before they are made. This might be the last pre-order batch. Last chance for stickers!

It’s time


Just got my batch email, came here to post that It’s happening and a dev beat me to it. :rofl:

Can’t wait!

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Oh wow just got my email, was not expecting it so soon. I guess it won’t be much longer until you can just order one.

confirmed. got e-mail today!

NOOOO! You should just email support! They can add it to your preorder and you don’t have to cancel!

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I did, but unfortunately the power adapter is something you can’t change in a pre-order. It’s one of the parts that determine what batch you’re in (though in my case, the batch stayed the same so I don’t fully understand it). Still, not a big deal.

It just puts you at the back of the queue

All ready to go my end!