Is this modern standby sleep battery drain normal?

Just got my 1340p model few days ago.

After doing some search in community, I have monitor my modern standby (s0 sleep with network disconnected in battery) battery drain is like following:

curious is it a normal case since I can hardly found someone who is okay with modern standy to show their sleep study statistics.

by the way,
the hardware specs are:
CPU: 1340p
SSD: P44 Pro 2TB
RAM: 32GB * 2

OS info:

all the drivers installed

sleep status:

updated some new data:

I’m going to take a wild guess that you have at least one of the following expansion card plugged into at least one of the 4 expansion slots:

  • USB-A
  • micro-SD
  • HDMI
  • DP
  • Storage

unfortunately I only have 4 Type-C expansion slots

In that case, that’s definitely higher than one would expect.

Thank you, any idea on why it happend?
by the way, I have updated the a new sleep data

The other cause that we’ve seen in the past (previous gen) is audio playing in a browser → sleep…and that somehow kept the CPU active.

We’re still pretty thin on 13th gen end user reports…you’re the first.

Interesting, But I close the lid for sleep without any tab play audio in browser or other apps

Can we assume that you have the driver bundle installed?


Think you’ll need to open a case with Framework Support then. This might be some kind of BIOS related matter. A happy path experience shouldn’t have high sleep / suspend drain.

thank you, will do what you suggest

See High Battery Drain During Suspend (Windows edition). 257 posts of goodness to scroll through. My FW also used to consume 5W during suspend. Yours isn’t too terrible overall.