Is this screen wobbly/resonance normal?

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My laptop was part of the recent batch 2 and after a long wait I’ve got to say I’m disappointed. Most of the issues are probably fixable and are just QC things (fan makes a clicking/grinding sound and webcam disconnects if you lift the laptop up) but one thing I don’t know is whether the screen wobble/resonance I’m seeing is expected or not. If it is then I’ll probably have to reluctantly return the laptop because it’s almost unusable at the moment.

I’ve included two videos. One of the Framework on my monitor mount with me typing on my desk and one with my old Dell with me also typing on my desk (I was actually hitting the keyboard harder on the Dell one because it just didn’t seem to move at all).

Framework - Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Dell - Imgur: The magic of the Internet



Yep, normal.

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Yes with the 3,3kg hinge this is ‘expected behaviour’ it’s a trade off for having the ability to open up the laptop one handedly.

If you’re unhappy with this wobbly-screen you can always buy the 4,0kg hinges as they do not have this behaviour but you won’t be able to open it with one hand. - Also it’s 24 bucks which you might not be wanting to fork out.

I’m sorry you’re having these Q/C issues with your FW laptop!

About both the webcam, sound and grinding noise. - You should probably reach out to support, as they can maybe send (a) replacement laptop / parts and sending your faulty device back helps them iron out the kinks in their manufacturing process.

Framework Support page

Hope this helps! :blush:

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Are you sure it’s the hinge? It looks more like the lid itself is just very springy. If I pull the top of the lid gently the hinge remains where it is and the screen bends.

People have reported way less / no screen wobble when using the 4,0kg hinge. But you might have a lemon. :lemon:

Can you send us a video of the display assembly / top wobbling from the side?

Also, do you have the 11th or 12th gen model?
(12th gen has a CNC’d top cover that’s way less flexible)

EDIT: Pretty sure it’s the hinge though! Watching the video, the hinge connected to the top assembly seems to be very ‘slack-y’ :grimacing:

It’s a 12th Gen Batch 2.

May need to recruit someone to video while I’m typing. I’ll try that in the office tomorrow.

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There’s a great write-up on all the issues you’re talking about here:

Unfortunately, the resonance is an issue in all models and all hinge sets, see the last section of the explainer. There is a chance a low-resonance hinge could come in the future, but there is no solution right now.


Just a follow-up on this. I contacted support and this is indeed expected behaviour for the screen (even for a 12th gen). It’s super weird because the two different (non-Framework) laptops I have here can both be opened with one hand and don’t have the same problem.

The screen and the fact that three different parts on my laptop turned up defective (fan makes a continuous clicking sound, webcam disconnects intermittently if you move the laptop at all and the keyboard space bar has started sticking) means I’m returning it. Bit of a let-down after three months waiting!

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Seems you got a lemon! :lemon:

That really stinks, hopefully if you still want to; framework can send out a new one.

The Q/C process seems to still not be that great I guess! Sorry you had this experience. :orange_heart: