Alternative Hinges?

Is there any chance we will see a non 180 degree hinge as a marketplace item? I don’t really have a need for 180 degrees and my laptop screen likes to fall all the way flat while I am working. I’d rather just have a standard 130ish degree hinge so as to prevent this. I imagine if framework ever releases a touch display this will be even more important to resolve somehow. Has anyone worked out an alternative fix for the display falling backward while working?

It should not be that way. Consider the following thread:

P.S.: Stiffer hinges are apparently in development.

When you say it isn’t supposed to be that way, do you mean that it wasn’t the designers intention (and they are therefore working on better hinges) or is it that my specific hinges are defective? Would replacing the hinges likely keep the screen in place better or would (after a few months of use) the hinges be right back in the same state?

Edit: I reached out to support which suggested that the lid falling is expected behavior if not on a hard surface- which is kinda disappointing (it is called a lap-top after all). They did say they are exploring alternative high force hinges though, but ‘exploring’ doesn’t exactly give me confidence. This really seems like a bad defect to me… Not a design choice

Sorry. I wanted to say that under normal conditions (i.e typing while holding laptop on your laps or a wobbly table) the lid can wobble a bit, but definitely should not fall. The thread I referenced above contains some replies from the Framework team.

P.S.: From my experience, I can shake the laptop quite vigorously without any issues so far.