Issues with High GPU Usage in Arch

Hi everyone,

I decided to try Arch Linux on my new Batch 4 Framework and it has actually been surprisingly easy to set up between the guide here and the info here: Framework Laptop - ArchWiki

The one issue I’ve had is that I see very high GPU usage during video playback, which scales with the size of the player window and the total resolution of screens attached. I’ve gone through most of the items on this page: Intel graphics - ArchWiki without any luck. The details of my configuration, the problem, and what I’ve tried so far are in a post I made on the Arch forum here: Poor Video Playback -- High "Render/3D" Intel GPU Usage / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

Has anyone else had this issue or noticed similar? Or any ideas on troubleshooting? This issue means my usual external monitor setup really seems to tax the Framework quite a bit in anything other than light productivity work.

Thanks in advance!

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