Join us for the Framework Next Level Event on March 23rd

Thanks for investigating it! However, I am not sure that the linked Braille Laptop is what it is mentioned in the live-streaming event, because the article’s date is April 24, 2019. But nrp said “last week”.

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@junaruga Yes, you are probably right. It must be a different laptop but I am certain he said braille laptop.

I heard braille laptop too

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Okay. Now I searched “Braile Laptop” on the internet. Perhaps, the laptop is below. The release date is March 14, 2023. However, I couldn’t find the “Framework mainboard” in the article. I think they could be transparent about it.

Optima Braile Laptop Computer - AccessMind and Orbit Research

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“Hot swappable ports” seems like a dead giveaway that it’s using a Framework mainboard.

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Hi, people at Framework,

Seeing the video of this offline event for the press only (?), it looks really fun! Could you upload a video to introduce the offline event to your Youtube channel with a Creative Commons license?

As someone sensitive to telecine judder, could you please in the future not stream 24fps in a 60fps container? Having 3:2 pulldown seems a bit silly in the era of fully digital video delivery when you can just as easily stream directly at 24fps or use something like 30fps or heck even 60fps.

Also, this “24fps in a 60fps container” is just going to inflate the bandwidth and file size, especially since YouTube doesn’t even make non-60fps available anymore for 1080p if you uploaded at 60fps (non-60fps encodes on 60fps videos maxes out at 720p).

(the worst part is, I can’t even re-encode the video to 24fps myself because the 3:2 pulldown is inconsistent, possibly due to it being a livestream, meaning that re-encoding the stream can just make the telecine worse)

I know, I know, one could make the argument that native 24fps on a 60Hz display would look the same as 24fps in a 60fps container, but I’ve not locked myself to 60Hz and I tend to use mpv-plugin-xrandr to automatically match my refresh rate to the video frame rate.


EDIT: Now that I’ve actually watched the presentation, I just want to mention that traditional matte coating will become a silly choice if/when OLED or some other display tech with perfect blacks becomes standard as it results in elevated black levels during the day.

Also, considering the input configurability on the Framework 16, I must ask - physical mouse buttons below the touchpad when? There’s even physical space for it now! (as well as space above it for those people that want buttons in combination with something like a trackpoint)

Oh, and about the big AMD announcement, the real question then is: Ryzen Pro + ECC memory when? (or maybe Ryzen non-pro + custom firmware with ECC support, e.g. CoreBoot?)

Lastly, if you want to take upgradability even farther, the Framework 16 with its support for higher-wattage CPUs (presumably?) could just straight-up use a desktop CPU socket.

EDIT 2: Just had another realization - surely with the larger chassis, the Framework Laptop 16 now has two internal m.2 slots… right? Right? Even if the second slot is just an m.2 2230 to go with the “not compatible with Framework” m.2 2230 SSD that Framework sells on their marketplace?

AMD has nice to see. But personally disapionted that the expansion into my country wasn’t there. Sort of expected more countries overall. Also no news about keyboard layouts, exept the numpad.

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I do use CPU compute as well, so I am leaning more towards Meteor Lake but Phoenix performance should be good if the Desktop variants are anything to speak of.

I guess since I am waiting, I will just wait for reviews (I am guessing the 7040 U series because of TDP limitations). Since it ships around Q3, can just wait for a month or so for Meteor Lake, plus hopefully DDR5 prices are much better then.

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I guess my next question is what period of months is Q3? I know we’re into March now but when I hear Q3 that sounds really far away…

Q3 would be the 3rd quarter of the year, so July, August, and September are safe bets. Batch 1 is probably July-ish.


Loving what im seeing so far. Currently considering switching, swapping out to an AMD but also really interested in seeing what comes of the 16 in platform. Was honestly not expecting this much good news all at once.


@Blake_Weldon Thanks!

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I just plunked down some money on a Batch 1 preorder… just like with the original. I like the concept of the 16" a lot but I’m not 100% confident that I will use all that it has to offer. I know that I will use the 13, and will hand down my Gen 1 Batch 1 to my kid to use. I dunno, I may change my mind before the shipping date, though.


Elevated Systems’ well-summarized video about the Next Level Event. I like it!


I found the video published yesterday by PCWorld about the offline event!

Framework’s Latest Laptops Add AMD & Discrete GPU Options - PCWorld


Here is a more detailed review from the media Verge based on the info from the Next Level Event. And here is the Hacker News thread.


@junaruga Doing god’s work linking this stuff on the forums. Thanks!

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I have just regularly been checking the information related to Framework on DuckDuckGo, Twitter, and Youtube. I am glad that you like it!