Join us for the Framework Next Level Event on March 23rd

So did you see the video?
Did you enable audio, my video was muted by default on Youtube?
Are you using a Raspberry pi and Firefox, there are audio issues there?
Did you get past the first 26m and 26 seconds to where the real video starts?

This unfortunately isn’t the case. Seems to be locked to CPU models for DIY as well.

Low end gets 55wh only.

Yes, I did see the video page. :slight_smile:



Ha. Doh. Late stream, thanks for the clarification!

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It has been confirmed they are moving to all matte displays as a standard. Probably a reasonable move given the interest. However, would like to see a glossy option in the marketplace when it becomes reasonable.

This is correct. Fortunately, a user could upgrade to the 61wh and turn the 55wh into a battery bank. Great idea Framework!

That’s an interesting idea. Any idea how to achieve this with existing third party parts or tools? I would assume some custom adapter would be needed to attach to the battery and then to USB C?

Check this link for when the battery bank is mentioned in the keynote:

I do not have a background in electrical engineering. But my best guess is that it is going to require a microcontroller to regulate the delivered power. Also, the battery needs to talk with the device desiring to be charged.

My guess is it will be available eventually on the marketplace.

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TheTwistgibber on Reddit:

This is because they are only being built at the factory for certain variants. If you choose to remove the other battery and purchase a 61W for installation, that is your prerogative, but we will not have a preconfigured R5 variant [with the bigger battery] from the factory.

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I just put the link to the recording of the video at the start 26:51 for people to watch it easily.


Really? I actually liked the glossy display. It made colors look prettier.


Yep. Check out the other specs below for the new models:


That is correct, everyone. The AMD variants are DDR5 and the Intel ones are still DDR4.


Then you will be happy about this.

We are switching over to the new matte display and they are pre-installed at the factory. We will still have some original display kits available should someone want to purchase them as a Marketplace item.

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@Jieren_Zheng I preferred glossy as well actually although since I added a Privacy Screen Protector, I’ve ended up with a matte display anyways…


Finally a matte display, buying one as soon as it is available. Guess in two years I will have to decide whether I want to stick with intel or move to amd…choices choices…

Maybe I’ll do the same. Question is: What to do with the old one though?

I was thinking maybe we can have a “Monitor-Kit” to reuse old panels? With VESA-Mount possibilities for the new mainboard case? @TheTwistgibber @nrp pretty please?

Me too! I already bought an eGPU, so maybe my need for AMD is not so high. But I know what I will do with the old mainboard: It’s totally gonna be a MESA-mounted mini-PC for my TV.

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There will be people wanting a glossy screen, so it will have value.


@anachron I might use the old display as an external or maybe build it into a housing for my future Framework Mini Server running off my current board when I upgrade.

I will cross the AMD vs Intel divide when I get there. 14th Gen is dropping down to 4nm if I remember correctly and that should bring huge improvements. Also the limitations on the AMD board connections is mostly what I expected. I like having 4 usb-c connections, with 2 thunderbolt controllers. See how it plays out. Finally in a spot where I don’t care because I am not stuck with the choice for 5 years at a go.

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@nrp or anyone, could you tell me the details (links) of the laptop on the right side of the slide below? You said, “Last week, the company called Arbitrary (?) Research released b… laptop”. I am curious to know it as one of the great cases of the ecosystem.

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@junaruga braille laptop is what he said I believe. It looks similar to this one. I could be mistaken.

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