(joke) card idea

not sure if anyone has thought of this before, but a small fusion reactor inside an expansion card to recharge the device (and the rest of the city you live in)


I’m waiting for the flux capacitor expansion card.


The flux capacitor was removed as the initial manual failed to say you had to stand on the closed laptop.

Basically the computer couldn’t take the weight for those that download the future manual. I did hear however of some babies and pets going missing.

Effectively once it was enabled the laptop disappeared forever if sent to the past and there are yet no records of individuals reaching any future date they had set.

Still if you want to try one, with the caveat you are likely to mess up your future a bit, you may like to ask support@framework if they have an depricated version.

The idea being worked on is that the lid may have an antigrav plate to keep the weight off.

All new models will be backward compatible, so if you wait long enough you will be aware you had one in the future and then you can retrace your steps and go back again and create a replica post all about your ‘new’ idea.

Appologies if you have read this before as you clearly had, have or will have the future in your bag.

Don’t forget to love everyone you meet as one is likely to be you. (That’s a joke as you should love everyone without the fear of missing out and that of ovetwhelming love being dumped on you - temporarily.)


Is that a joke, though?

For some of our greatest minds, it is not a joke but a viable alternative. The two options are to bury spent fuel that is still warm for thousands of years, or to use it in a small reactor in an expansion card to power just one device.

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fusion doesn’t create ‘spent fuel’. you’re thinking of fission.

I think you would require a large expansion card and any fuel giving off enough radiation to power the laptop may well power you to the future and you would need the flux capacitor.

But as promoted it was a fusion reactor, which again has size as an issue.

My idea is the expansion card is just an efficient battery that plugs into the brain, which has been wired to virtual reality.

Come on who really wants a laptop?

Fusion power has, so far, two applications in human technology:

  1. Our most powerful nuclear weapons.
  2. Gigantic experimental facilities that are trying to figure out how to maintain stable fusion AND capture more energy than is put in.

Fusion operates on fusing (typically) hydrogen, with lots of extra energy released. It is the process otherwise only occuring in stars.

The power plants you think of use fission, typically certain Uranium isotopes but it could in theory be done with Plutonium or some others.

This post is clearly a joking reference to things like “Mr Fusion” or whatever the powerplant in the “Back to the Future” time travel delorean was called. :wink:

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