Josh Cook's dual USB-C expansion card

I’ve sent an email to a company to see if they have a chip that is more integrated, and if they do I’ll likely prototype a dual USB-C card


I just got a reply, they do, so I’ve requested some samples of the chip and I’ll make my own PCB in-house probably in the next couple of days, and then I’ll order a proper PCB from JLC. How many people would be interested in putting a small amount of money down as a deposit (fully refundable) to a preorder ($ 5-10 USD) if the final unit will be somewhere between 20-40 USD, which I will use to gauge interest? Also, this chip does both USB-C 3.2 and will accept PD charging from one of the ports.


PD charging in or out? Also how much power?
I think i would be interested. I am located in the EU


I’m also in the EU and would be down for two.

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I’m down for two as well and also in the EU. Deposit for them is no problem.

While we’re at it, are you able and willing to make a couple of blank expansion modules? :upside_down_face:

Also EU here. Would be interested in one or two.

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Europe France here, and I’d take 2… And also the blank expansion modules :}

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I would be down for 2.

That’s AMAZING news for this product!

Is the charging speed limited to 65W or 100W PD3.0? (I doubt it supports more than 20V 5A)

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I’m absolutely interested in 2

if it supports 65w charging for PD on one of the ports i’m down to buy one

One for me as well, maybe two if the price is around 50~60 bucks for both.

Does it support USB-PD EPR (ie. > 100w) charging for the Framework 16?

Does it support display output?

Will there be a variant with a USB-C and USB-A port?

Will the spacing between USB-C ports be the same as MacBooks use to allow for some MacBook accessories (hubs that connect to both ports) to be used (although which ones will work will depend on the exact capabilities of each port)?

I may be interested, however I am not sure that I’d want to use it over any of my current ports (that will depend on the answers to my questions).

I’m down for one or two, depending on where in that price range it ends up and how much shipping to Israel ends up costing (although I can arrange for somebody in the EU or US to relay it to me, I guess.)

I’d be interested as well getting two modules, if they come with a case (so, ready to use without me having to 3d-print something) and the cost is indeed <$40, and the ports work in both orientations. Happy to pay $5 or something as deposit. (EU/Germany).

Two USB-C ports is already quite close for the available space, I doubt there’s enough space for USB-C and USB-A. It would be great to be proven wrong here, though; a variant with one fully functional USB-C (including charging and display-out) and one USB-A would be great, too.

I would also take 2 (I’m also in the EU).

i would take one or two

I’d be happy to put down a deposit for 2, so long as EPR is supported (for use with the FW 16)

I would also be down for a deposit for 1

Maybe a poll can help to get an idea of the quantities to make for Josh ?

How many expansion would you like to buy ?

  • Just 1 expansion
  • 2 expansions
  • 3 expansions
  • 4 expansions
  • More than 4
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