Just a couple of general laptop questions

What’s the dimension of the laptop? The best I can find is from theVerge at 296.63 x 228.98 x 15.85 mm.
Does the power adaptor come with an extension cable and the USB-C charging cable?
Why is the keyboard still US English? I mean I want a US English at default, but given how there are other available keyboards now it seems weird that’s still locked in. Same question with the Bezel, again I’ll stick with black but it seems weird.
Has anyone tested the camera and microphone kill switch? I’m curious how it works?




If you’re buying from the EU, you have these options:

In the US/Canada, it’s only US English unfortunately. I’d assume that and black-only bezel is for ease of assembly/shipping for now.


Thank you for your detailed response, I do wonder why people can’t find such info themselves though ???

Sometimes they just don’t know where to look. Posting questions here, no matter how trivial gives the community a chance to guide people to where they can find the information they need and link the correct sources like @feesh has.

(p.s. I would also like to praise feesh for the amazing answer write up!)


Some percentile of the population just doesn’t have the capacity for correct keyword identification required for search usage.

(…and be grateful that the majority of us have been blessed with the ability to help others)

This comes to mind:
McNamara’s Morons - The Low Intelligence Soldiers Used as Guinea Pigs in the Vietnam War - YouTube

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I think the collaborative flavor of this forum is inspiring. It’s a selling point for the system.