Ports, keyboard and display

First off, kudos to Framework for this amazing product? I am definitly considering it as my next laptop, I do have a few problems with it though. My current laptop’s only keyboard option was US english. I thought I could make do with that, but I do write in french most of the time and am used to a Swiss French keyboard, (yes that is a very small user base). I told myself that for my next computer I would get one with my native keyboard, please please please, make keyboards configurable (I mean physically, not only in software of course)!
Secondly, microSD only !?! seriously!!! I need a SD card reader! Also, where’s the Ethernet port? In fact what up with only 4 ports? Seriously does anybody not use USB-C, you pretty much have to have one to charge it, right! There should be two USB-C ports not requiring adaptors (or at least one), and 4 additional ports.
Lastly, 2256x1504 pixels on a 13.5" screen is too small for me, how about a Full HD matte option (that draws less power)?
DIY is also about options, there aren’t enough! Concept is great, make the options available and the buyers will come.

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