Just ordered my first Framework! What other goodies should I get?

So after making myself wait a while for the early bugs and such to be worked out I finally broke down and ordered myself a DIY 12th gen i5 framework. I’m pretty excited and wanted what other goodies or mods I might want to get for it. I’ve been searching for a case and all of that jazz, but I’ve read something about better hinges and speakers from the market place? I was curious what new orders come with and whether or not I should look at these.

Besides that, what kind of fun goodies do you all use with yours? Are there any mods or anything I might want to check out as well?


Hi and welcome to the forum.

All ‘new’ 12gen come with the updated milled CNC top panel but with the default 3.3Kg hinges.

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Okay cool I heard about the new top while watching LTT. So, the 3.3 Kg hinges, are those the ones people say are too “weak”? I wasn’t sure if it was just the kg rating of the hinges or if they designed a new hinge or something.

If you happen to know, do these new 12th gens come with the new speakers?

Nope not the upgraded, ‘new’ speakers :slight_smile:

The ‘problem’ with the 3.3Kg hinges, which I have on my 11Gen.

  • Apparently the scope is 2.8Kg to 3.8kg
  • The ‘new’ ones are 3.5Kg to 4.5Kg

So if you are not happy with your 3.3 which may be 3.8 and buy a 4 you may get a 3.5 :scream:

The 3.3 is designed so the top can be opened with one hand without holding the base.

If on opening to ‘say’ 120° and it flops it would be beyond spec and you can ask for a replacement, but you will not get a 4Kg. You would probably have to provide a video etc.

My 3.3 are OK for general use and fine on the train etc. but if I get up quickly, like I’m burning the bread or dropped my glass of rum then yes the screen will flop.

All in all my 11th Gen is fine.

Matt screen ‘protectors’ seem likeable, but again I don’t usually have lots of light when I’m on the laptop, so no reflection at all.

All the best

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I highly recommend if you have the budget, to buy an external battery. As you probably know already, the battery life on a framework is not that good.

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I have seen mixed information on that. I guess some of it depends on how you set things up?

But to be honest I’ve never had a laptop that could last more than one to two hours; so if it really does last five I would honestly be impressed.