Keyboard and Speakers - They're fine

I just received my Framework 16 2 hours ago, and I just wanted to share my initial impressions. For context, I am regularly using a Razer Blade 15, Thinkpad T470, and a Dell Precision worstation laptop.

The keyboard feels great, and the speakers are the best I’ve had on a laptop. Do they sound as good as a MacBook Pro? No. But compared to my thinkpad, razer blade, and dell laptop they are hands down both louder and sound better by a large margin. Mind you, the other laptops I have use utterly terrible speakers. I’m personally glad the keyboard feels fine (to me) because I plan on using this laptop to write my novel and write code.

Other misc things I noticed:

  • This thing feels built. It has more heft that I would’ve expected and does not feel fragile to me. Personally, I like a laptop with a little more bludgeoning potential.
  • I did get one of the spacers that seems to have a mild bend to it, but it was easily bent back into shape.
  • The keyboard doesn’t register the first keystroke sometimes, but I have this issue on my Razer and I’m 99% certain it’s my powertop profile putting it into a lowpower state. I will note my thinkpad doesn’t do this with the same profile.
  • Holy cow the power brick is tiny (smaller/same size as my 60W thinkpad charger)

It’s always good to have an emergency weapon handy, lol.

Interesting to hear (hah) your opinion on the speakers, since a lot of people have said they’re quiet/muffled, likely due to the side-firing. I suppose everyone’s experience may be different!

The personal laptops up until now had speakers that made me say “I would rather pull out my phone and watch something on there” but the Framework does not. I would also prefer upward firing, obviously, but I am glad they’re not down firing because then they don’t get muffled when I’m laying in bed.

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