What's happening with the Keyboard Pads?

Last I heard is they were being dog-fooded internally at Framework to see if they improved the stability while typing. Has there been an update?

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I can only give my anecdotal experience but the keyboard seems just fine to me. There is a little bit of flex in the keyboard if you are really pushing into the thing but I do not notice it during normal use. My typing speed on my Framework 16 is the same as my previous two laptops from MSI and Lenovo.

I’ll anecdote in the opposite direction. I’m about 10 wpm slower on my FW16 than my Thinkpad. The keyboard (particularly in the areas noted) is pretty squishy. Actually found this thread because I was searching for any updates on this.

I think mine came from batch 5 and the keyboard is fine. No significant flex or bounce when I type. Seems typical for a laptop. There are 2 rubber pads underneath the keyboard. Were they sending out retrofits to earlier batches?