Keycap tolerance

Note: I know the way I pry off the two arrow keys is REALLY REALLY BAD. I did it because the right arrow key keeps coming off…

Several keys on my keyboard have tolerance issues and come off with normal pressing. I can confirm it is an issue with the keycaps, not the keyboard itself by changing the keycaps to a different location (which partially resolved the issue). The video showed how my right arrow key can come off on its own and the B key will partially come off when a force is sliding the key. It also showed my keycaps and switches are not damaged (or at least not severely damaged) by interchanging the keycaps.

Both protondrive and nextcloud refuse to give me a preview…

Last try(googled drive)

Note: It’s Batch 4 Intel i7-1165G7

It is really hard to tell what is happening in those videos, but key caps are certainly not supposed to pop off. Could you submit a support request around this? Framework | Support

Basically, when I press the left side of the right arrow key (before I took it off), it popped off on the right side on its own. I tried to push it back and it clicks, but it will pop off the next time I press it the same way, so I took it off to inspect the keycaps. No clips were broken on the keycap so I decided to swap it with the left arrow key(which I had to pry off). The keycaps worked just fine after I swapped them. Some of the letter keys had the same issue, where I was able to make a click sound on the B key when I apply force parallel to the plane of the keycap top.

Basically, on the video file 6024

When you press a key, it is not supposed to tilt like this

So I took it off to inspect, which you can see these clips on the keycap are actually intact

Based on the structure of the keycap (clip on the top and slot on the bottom), I pried off the left keycap from the top and installed it onto the right key switch and installed the right keycap onto the left key switch.
When I press them like before, the left arrow keycap on the right key swich didn’t came off, which means the right switch is fine but the right keycap isn’t. The second video, 6025, showed the right key cap, which is visually undamaged, came off on the left arrow switch when I pressed really hard.

video 6026 shows another key have a similar behavior, where it makes a clicking sound that differs from the sound of it bounces back.

Thanks. Definitely reach out to support. Just a note for anyone seeing issues like this in the future: Please don’t pull the key caps off if there is a keyboard issue, as it makes it much harder for us to do failure analysis and find the root cause.


Thank you! I just submitted the support ticket. Really sorry for keep taking it off and put it back on trying to figure it out. :man_facepalming: I took some closeups of the right arrow keycap after I sent that reply… One of the clips is not straight, I have a feeling it’s from the molding process since I couldn’t see any stress marks and I think its structure simply doesn’t allow it from happening due to stress, in that case, the top of the clip or the entire clip will snap off.


btw does the serial number SN0001B means I have the 27th keycap of the revision? Lol