Kvm/hdmi input

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There is a mini computer, specifically the GPD Pocket 3, which has the modular functionality of being able to be used as a keyboard and screen. In the following link you can see the functionality:


The idea is to be able to use the framework13 as the screen and keyboard/mouse of another computer through an HDMI and/or USB-C connection. This way you could go to a CPD with your computer and with an HDMI and USB cable see the machines if in the CPD they are not connected to a screen and keyboard.

I don’t know if anyone had thought about it but it could be very useful for CPD administrators…

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It’s been discussed before

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The idea would be that when connecting the HDMI and USB-C the Framework13 behaves the screen and keyboard/mouse of the CPD host machine.

Let’s imagine a server that does not have a keyboard, mouse or screen connected. The idea is that with an HDMI cable and a USB-c the Framework13 is your screen and your keyboard/mouse.

This way you could use the Framework as an external screen (for the console, phone… etc).

If an iPad with IOS 17 can do it, I understand that Framework13 can’t too?

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The mainboard would have to be built for it, and the Framework’s is not. Without a complete board design that makes it far more complex and expensive, it’d have to be a video capture dongle running through a booted OS.

If you watch the video, “capture dongle in a booted OS” is how that iPad is doing it, too.

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I have Pocket 3 HDMI input module. I love the idea which pocket 3 implements.

I think it may hard to shrink size to fullfill expantion card slot. I take some pictures.

It may hard to do same module in expantion card, but I think it may possible to make a HDMI input capture in slot. I checked the MS2130 UVC HDMI capture solution. The general product size is similar to Ethernet expantion card.


This wouldn’t be a problem since I think that most of us is looking more for usability than the possible design or fittage possibility, not gonna lie, I’d buy one of these if there are any