Laptop crashed, now very slow

There is a whole thread on this problem, with over a half dozen instances of this same problem.

Care to point me to it or just tell me what the problem was/ what this mosfet was connected to?

I don’t know if an ultimate cause was ever determined, but I believe it was the chip for PD power on one of the USB C ports on the mainboard. If I remember correctly, once that chip pops that port will no longer charge the machine. There may be other symptoms, but I believe that was the main one.

It is a p-channel mosfet, so it probably was part of power routing then.

Mosfets don’t tend to just blow up on their own though so it may be a symptom of something else. has replacing the mosfet been tried (or hell even just deleting it in case it failed short and is feeding power where it should not)?

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I’ll look for the thread, but from what I remember, Framework was sending out replacement mainboards and asking for the failed boards back so they could be sent out for failure analysis. As you say, they wanted to get down to the cause of that mosfet failing. I think there were even some who found the plastic above the mosfet warped from heat, but hadn’t suffered a full failure yet. So the mosfet is overheating for some reason, and eventually failing.

Edit: Found one thread

Overheating does kill mosfets pretty reliably, at least under load.

That’s the other instance I was referring to.

There are at least 10 distinct reports in that thread, each with photographs (And here’s another one).

I’ve been summoned.
Btw for that issue, the laptop didn’t even turn on :man_shrugging:

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