[SOLVED]Windows crashing regularly during, or shortly after startup. Unusable

Hey guys,
Installed windows 11 (and Win10) on my I5 1240p DIY w/ 1tb SN770 and 16gb Ram(2x8gb 3200 CT2K8G4SFRA32A) is consistently crashing. I’m usually getting Stopcode: 0xc000021a, critical process died and, whea uncorrectable error. It has occurred a few times on the log in screen but mostly shortly after startup. I would say if I’m lucky I can use it for 5-10 minutes.
I’ve installed windows fresh almost a dozen times, used another usb for windows media, run the memory diagnostic, used each ram stick on it’s own, checked the drive using WD software.
I’m now in contact with support but wanted to see if anyone else had any handy suggestions as I’m quite frustrated.

Thank you

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It is not recommended that you use Windows 10 with Intel 12th generation processors. I believe other folks have reported similar issues that persisted until they moved to Windows 11.


Yeah I just tried to install windows 10 out of desperation when windows 11 wasn’t working. Same crashy crash on both.

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Ah, interesting. Thanks for the info!

Can you try with each stick of RAM independently, or reboot into the Windows Memory Diagnostic?


Done and done.
Ran the memory diagnostics twice came back clear.

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Sorry, that’s what I get for poor reading comprehension! :sweat_smile:
Does the event log contain the name of any specific driver, or a call stack?


haha np I appreciate your input.
Nothing sticks out to me as being the consistent cause in the event viewer. There are a lot of errors, not sure what normal looks like lol

Sorry you’re experiencing this.

Can you provide more info on the process you’re using to install Windows? Are you using ISO files directly downloaded from Microsoft? You’re not using a developer preview image, right? What tool are you using to flash your USB stick?

I’m just wondering if there’s anything funny about the process you’re using to get started. There may be something wrong with the disk image you are using or process you’re using to install it to your laptop.

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Also, are you waiting to install the driver bundle until after you go through a round of Windows Updates, or are you installing it immediately when you arrive at the desktop? Are you installing the correct driver bundle for your laptop? (12th gen vs 11th gen)

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Just using a usb installation media using the windows tool. Used 2 different usbs after framework support suggested it. A few times I’ve installed the 12 gen driver bundle right away hoping it doesn’t crash and let windows update do it’s thing.
I feel like the computer doesn’t crash when it’s busy but, crashes when it’s idle.
Framework support just told me to send them pics to make sure things are properly seeded and to do an RTC reset. no change :frowning:

Did you end up fixing it? Any updates?

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It was the SSD lol SN770. I swapped it out with an extra ssd my friend had and it worked perfect. RMA’d the 770, put the new one in and now it works like a charm.

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I’m having a similar problem, and wondering if it’s my SSD also. I’ve tried a long list of things myself, also in touch with Framework support. My machine doesn’t crash so quickly, it is quite random (which has made diagnosing the issue a nightmare). It’s been crashing in client meeting which is embarrassing.

Did you buy your SSD from Framework? I got the 1TB - WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe from them and it’s the only thing I haven’t tried replacing because I don’t have a spare handy. Wondering if they got a bad batch.

Yeah mine was hard to diagnose because there was no other indications.
I got my 770 myself online. It does suck having to wait a week to send in and recieve a new drive back without having a spare in the meantime.
Goodluck buddy.

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I have the same issue with both 10 and 11 pro versions. 5 to 10 minutes before it crashes any time there is a new update available. Once updated I will get nearly an hour before it BSODs. Reinstalling Windows doesn’t help. Its been like this since day 1. Pretty disappointing.

Can you provide more details?

Which FW laptop generation? DIY or Pre built? If DIY, what SSD and RAM?

Did you install the FW driver bundle?

What is the BSOD stop code? Or include a screenshot of it.

You can try an application called Whocrashed (the home edition is free). Make sure your system is set to write memory dump files. Upon next crash you can open Whocrashed and have it analyze the data. It’s sometimes helpful.

In W11, right click Start > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Startup and Recovery. In here look for System failure and make sure first two boxes are ticked and the write setting is set to automatic. Wait for next crash then use Whocrashed.

I will have to check on the version as the machine is at work. It is a pre-built machine from February of this year. The error was the same as the original poster’s “0xc000021a, critical process died”.

I did download the Framework drivers last month as a troubleshoot. It didn’t help.

I reinstalled windows 11 pro again today. So we’ll see if that helps. It’s up to date now and usually starts crashing as soon as a new update is released. I also did not fully join it back to our domain; it’s joined to the domain, but not allowing the group policy to push all our applications onto it. I want to see if there’s a conflict between one of these applications and the laptop

Whocrashed will be a no go, it is a domain joined computer and a small list of 3rd party applications that are allowed due to compliance requirements. That unfortunately is not one of the authorized applications.

The event log on my Framework looked very similar to the original poster’s as well. When i have the machine tomorrow i can screenshot that as well.

If it crashes prior to rejoining to your AD then you can quickly try Whocrashed then uninstall it. Just a thought.

If your logs and STOP are the same as the OP, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest you may have a bad WD SSD. You can check with WD to see if a firmware update is available. Or get it RMA’d from WD. Or better yet, get a Samsung 990 Pro, which I feel is a superior SSD. Prices are low right now. Just make sure you buy from a reputable vendor as there’s fakes out there. Shipped and sold by Amazon is a safe bet.