Strange bezel problem?

Installed my new orange bezel on Thursday morning. On Friday morning I noticed that Windows 11 was running very slowly. Everything was taking ages. Decided to restore a backup from earlier in the week. Macrium Reflect uses Windows RE. A restore normally takes 3 or 4 minutes. This time it took 25 minutes. Opened up the Framework to make sure RAM and SSD were properly seated as I could not think of what could be causing the problem. It looked they were but I reseated them anyway. I decided to go back to the original bezel. (TBH, I wasn’t particularly happy with the colour in real life.) After that everything was back to normal.

I’m not too keen on trying to replace the bezel again but could it have been something to do with the new bezel? I don’t see how but what else could have caused it?

In the lid are the mic and camera kill switches. Is it possible that when you replaced the bezel you some how moved or impacted those circuits / switches? I know that seems unlikely, but it seems really odd to me that the bezel would be the problem.

If it isn’t that then maybe the magnets are different or of a different strength and they are sudo triggering the lid sensor?


I suspect your speed inconsistencies are related to the Macrium Reflect: Macrium is wonderful, expect it's slow!

The bezel itself wouldn’t influence the performance… you can take off and swap the bezel while the laptop is on. If the SSD and RAM weren’t seated properly then they probably weren’t seated properly before you swapped the bezel. Even if you’ve accidentally pulled some of the wires near the hinge (which there’s already a lot of give in those wires to prevent that), that would only affect the accessories connected to the display, not the motherboard itself… as the bezel is really just a cover with thin magnets to protect the exposed components with toggles for the internal mic and camera.