Laptop restarts while on sleep

I notice the laptop randomly restarting while on sleep mode. I’m not sure if it’s a Windows 11 issue or a driver issue. Does anyone notice the same thing?


This sounds a lot like Windows 11 BSoD: Bug Check 0x9F, since it results in a crash on sleep and other power transitions that impacts any SST users on any version of Windows 11.

It’s an issue in the Intel sound driver that appears on Windows 11, and requires Framework to ship an updated driver.

If you have an SN850 SSD, check this guide: My system is rebooting to a “Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed” message

I have the SN750 SSD.

Could this have anything to do with it?

To help someone else, I had this problem (restart on sleep), and it appears to have been fixed by Kieran’s Win 11 alpha driver bundle pack recommended by DHowett here.

Others have fixed it via disabling power management settings on the Intel SST Audio driver. I didn’t try this option as I don’t have the power management tab for this device in device manager, and didn’t immediately see how to enable it.