Laptop shuts down during sleep

I’m not convinced. I do have the idea that a lot of members in this topic have similarities and can therefore be reproduced or further investigated to understand the differences.
Either am I missing the listing in what situations Framework self has been testing or what symptoms have been collected, with what circumstances.

So when willing to fix this, more can be shown then asking to report.
I think this needs a better approach then an incidental forumpost from Framework emplyees.
Sharing a (read only) kanban board would be a better approach, following different users in troubleshooting as wel as documenting what has been tested.

If a thread like this consumes too much time, it is not going to be effective anymore, hence the missing solution.

On my machine, I can reproduce it every time it’s in sleep mode for more than a few hours as long as S0 sleep is enabled. If there is something specific that Framework support needs or wants me to try, I’d be more than happy to do so. My logs as well as some speculations are linked above.

I think what makes this hard is that it might be more than one problem as evidenced by different fixes working for different people.


I got my new 7840U mainboard.
It still shutsdown during sleep. How? Why ?

I pre-ordered a ryzen mainboard hoping it would fix it

It must be an OS or battery issue?

I was using a new Windows 11 install with the 7840U, and I tested my 12th gen Intel laptop with the battery disconnected, which still did not prevent the laptop from shutting down.

Wow that is very strange. I can’t imagine what else it could be.

At this point I’m thinking of cancelling my preorder and just getting another laptop.

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Two more instances of the 7840U mainboard shutting down now. Tried disabling memory core isolation to no avail.

My Framework Laptop 13 has had this issue since day 1 when using the usb c cable connected to 2 x Dell Monitors and therefore is readily reproducible. I would be more than happy for Framework to remotely install monitoring software to capture the issue and track to the source. The conclusion that this is not readily reproducible is nonsensical given its persistence and it would be reasonable to conclude that those in this community are more advanced IT users / professionals given the nature of the product they have purchased + the community responses to date in an attempt to resolve.

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Lack of support for such a simple issue is perhaps indicative of the immaturity of the framework model unfortunately. The fact that no solution at all has been proposed or attempted to be found is evidence of the approach despite the community being willing to help with extensive logging and different hardware / software combinations.

I have this intermittently happen on my i7-1260P. I feel like this more of a Windows 11 issue than a Framework issue personally given that it’s not consistent. Still very annoying!

Definitely not exclusive to Windows 11. I’m seeing it consistently on Windows 10. Then again, I still think there’s more than one issue.

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Has anyone had this happen recently, it’s been about a month and a half since I last noticed it.

Yes, I too have been experiencing this problem on my i5-1240p FW13. On two separate Windows 11 installs, I might add. While no catastrophes have occurred from it yet, I’m concerned I’ll one day lose my work due to an unexpected shutdown.