Laptop struggles with even trivial tasks (Thermal issues?)

My Framework struggles to do tasks that, AFAIK, it should have no problem doing. like YouTube. or web browsing. or lightweight games like Factorio. Stuff my 10th gen T480s has no problem doing.

It seems to be not venting very much air. also, i get like two hours of battery life.

is it supposed to be like this, or is my laptop bad, or am I dumb?

I have the i7-1165G7 model. I’m running Windows 10.

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Hi and welcome.

It sounds ‘bad’

Does it get hot? Have you checked the battery usage to see what is going on?

What BIOS do you have?

I have the same setup but updated to Win 11 and have no problem.

It gets quite hot. How do I check the battery usage?
BIOS is 3.07.
for the record, it shipped like this, i’ve just been dealing with it ™ since i got it in june.

It is very much not supposed to be like this.

Can you use a program like HWInfo64 and post screenshots to provide more information? Are the fans running at high speed/particularly loud? Also worth looking inside if you haven’t already.

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Drivers? Also as other people said you should track usage and temperature as well as power draw while you’re running something to find the issue.

It could be a thermal issue, or it could be drivers. Did you install the Framework driver pack? Is this a DIY Framework?

You using windows;

Sorry I’m using Win 11 so it may well be a bit different
a) click on the battery icon to bring up the to access settings etc.
b) System > Power and Battery
c) View detailed info

Here you have more options

I would mention the people i’m replying to but “new users can only mention two people in a post”

> Can you use a program like HWInfo64
yes; what do you want to see?

> you should track usage and temperature as well as power draw while you’re running something

> Did you install the framework driver pack?

> Is this a DIY Framework?
Yes. Here’s links to the RAM and SSD. both of which previously lived in my Lenovo T480s.

> checking battery usage
I don’t have the “View Detailed Info” option.

I ran Cinebench R23. I got a score of 5017, which is similar to the built-in i7-1165G7 score, but the fan was running wide open, seemed (subjectively) to be making the sound fans make when they’re not getting much resistance, and the CPU hit 100 degrees.

If you can expand this/maximise and post screen shots you will see everything that you are being asked to show/asked how to show.

In HWInfo64 you can increase the number of columns with the blue arrows in the bottom left to fit more info in one screen shot. You can monitor the values at idle and under load (like Cinebench run).

Your Cinebench scores seem on the lower end.

Have you opened the machine to check for physical issues?

Have you installed the Framework Window’s driver pack?

I hate to ask this, but do you have the Framework on a flat solid surface. Some folks in the past have not realized the air intakes are on the bottom… Hence it not working well, on a blanket in bed, etc.

T480s is 8th gen Intel Core processors.

Check if you have any blockage on the inside of the fan area. There were a couple of reports that there’s an accumulation of fluff.

Quite possible if you have tasks running close to 28w continously.

How long have you had Windows on it? Is it still running Windows update in the background?

Are you running at least Windows 10 21H2?


> t480s is 8th gen
I couldn’t be bothered to boot the t480s to check because I cannibalized the SSD to put it in my Framework so i just guessed

> Quite possible if you have tasks running close to 28w continously.
I… shouldn’t? Just web browsers, Discord, Spotify, stuff like that.

> How long have you had Windows on it
since I got it in May.

> Are you running at least Win10 21H2?

Usually. I sometimes use it on my lap, but it has all the problems above on solid surfaces or even partially on it’s side so the intake is totally unencumbered. The cinebench test was done sitting on my desk.

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yes. first thing i did after assembling.

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There’s none i can see, but I don’t know much about hardware troubleshooting.

I don’t see what you’re referring to. This is what I see when I start the program.

He/She meant this icon:

Click on it…and hwinfo will go wide.

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You can take a look if anything seems different from pictures on the repair guides, “spot the difference”, if there is any :slightly_smiling_face:

Given the airflow concerns you stated, look for obstructions to air particularly. If you suspect lint/debris you could remove the fan to check there too. Two screws and the plug. Edit: not 100% certain it is independently removable from the heatsink but you can use HWiNFO data first.

@Second_Coming is correct but I see the reason for confusion now. When you start HWiNFO64 you can tick the option to launch just the sensors
HWINFO start

Then expand to two columns with the blue arrows and I suggest collapsing memory timing so you should have something like this

Here you can see a lot about your system.