Laptop will not power on

My laptop is a framework 13 inches 11-th gen Intel CPU with 32 GB ram + 1 TB + windows 11

After pressing power button, the power button is lit but the screen is completely black .
After more than 10 seconds , the power button turned dark and the screen stayed black .
Then I saw a series of blink LED ( White ( W) → Green ( G) or Red ( R) )

See my youtube video showing the blinking →

April 19, 2023 - YouTube

I recorded the blinks as follow
Blink# – Color ( W , G , R )

  1. G

  2. G

  3. G

  4. R

  5. G

  6. G

  7. G

  8. G

  9. G

  10. R

  11. G

  12. G

  13. R
  14. G

  15. G

  16. G

  17. G

  18. G

  19. G

  20. G

  21. G

The screen stayed blank . Please help !!!

Sorry to hear that. Do you have an external display that you can connect to see if it shows anything?

Otherwise, this article: My Framework Laptop (Intel 11th Gen Intel® Core™) is not powering on will help you understand the initial set of codes. There’s a link at the end of the page that discusses resetting the mainboard. If you do so, be careful with the RTC battery, the holder is extremely fragile.

Waiting for the rework v2 to hopefully fix this “not power on” symptom:

After I pressed the power button , it turned off by itself in about 20 seconds . The screen was black throughout the process . I recorded a video of the process . Please visiting the following link →

Yes, saw that video from the first post.


There are various symptoms to this. What you’re experiencing is one of the symptoms.

Could your symptom be caused by something else? Sure. But you need to eliminate the most likely cause first…then go from there, to less likely causes (elimination tactic).