Laptop will not turn on... again

This is the second time ive had an issue where my laptop would not turn on.

I am recieving a LED output sequence (attached to twitter post below)

I believe it to be:

----- main disgnosis sequence
12 green
------ post section
6 blue 2 green

I am not rough with my laptop and the only movement it experiences is being carried in my tote/messenger bag to work.

Last time I had an issue it was related to the battery I believe because once i reconnected the battery the laptop started up again… I tried that again this time… Hopefully I have not damaged the battery connection pins. I need a magnifying glass to look closer at this.

I really want to recommend the framework laptop to friends, but so far small hardware issues and large ones (like this) have slowed my initial enthusiasm. I feel like Im being punished for being an early adopter. Also when I have reached out to framework support before they were not super helpful. Suggesting things I had already accounted for and directing me to the LED output sequence documentation rather than assisting in diagnosis or discussing how this could have happened. I really want to love Framework and hope my experience will improve.

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now it appears pin 9 and/or 10 may be bent on the power socket on the mainboard

Seems like this might be related to this post:

The battery pins are a bit frail

Hopefully you have seen the guide and maybe as suggested their contact support if you are unsure

I’m not sure it will be as simple as a battery replacement because the pins bent are on the board not the battery…

I have reached out to support, and am still waiting on a response from them.

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The ref to battery replacement was just noting the guide and the warnings :slight_smile:

Yea I mean I would have never touched it if my laptop didn’t randomly stop working. Now I feel like I’ve made it even worse.

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I think that the absolute simplest fix for this would be to swap the connector plugs, so the female end is on the motherboard, so if you bend a pin it’s on the battery, which is cheaper than a motherboard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exposing metal attached to a power source is a bad idea. That’s why wall sockets are female…


Username doesn’t check out.

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The solution can’t be to replace the >$1000 motherboard… For a bent pin… I imagine that someone with the right tools should be able to bend the pin back, or de-solder the socket and fix it with a replacement…I’m no an electronics-engineer, but it should be accomplish-able. Seems like it should be significantly cheaper than replacing an entire mainboard (talk about e-waste)


Correct. It’s referred to as component-level repair. Rossmann Repair Group could potentially fix this with ease.


What I mean is that the thin-pins idea isn’t the best one. Take a look at this paint sketch. (Pins are on the battery, but shielded.

Also, exactly like molex connectors (on the left):

Molex on the PSU side is female. Power source is always female.
PC Power Supply Voltage Data and Connector Types - Free Knowledge Base- The DUCK Project: information for everyone (

The image in your post, that’s the molex connector on the load side.

Easy fix man, probably would cost 2 cents for the part.

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