Laptop won't power on unless i plug in AC power

Granted, I don’t know off the top of my head if he said how much he invested, but I know he mentioned that it would be detrimental to Framework if he dumped all of it because they went back on their word.

So to answer your question, i believe he is a large enough investor for what I suggested.
Good on you for keeping me honest.

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Commenting to +1 this issue. My intended use for my laptop was intermittent usage: I prefer to perform the majority of my work from my desktop; every few weeks having the need to be mobile. Every time I have pulled out the framework it has failed to boot unless plugged in to AC - very frustrating.

I love the principles and build quality of this product and company, but having such a major flaw (2-3 weeks max on standby), not being upfront about that [seemingly known] restriction, and no official response makes this is a deal breaker. I will be recommending against framework until this is addressed.

P.S. - yes I am on 3.0.7, have attempted resets described above, etc.; hasn’t helped. Really seeming that we need a “hardware patch”, new board.

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12th gen Framework laptops seem to be lingering on batch 2 for quite some time now, it seems.

I’m guessing many people (if they’re a forum visitor here) are taking a more cautious approach to the next purchase / upgrade given the existing issues.

I’d be curious to know where that 2-3 weeks came from in that support response because the community posts and my own experience show the RTC battery will drain in about a week to unusable levels without a reset.

If that was instead a reference to the improvement of the 12th gen boards that’s not very reassuring; I’ll get an extra week or two until the same issue appears.

Anyone who ordered a 12th gen board willing to test the drainage when they receive it? At this point with no official response (probably waiting for everyone to drop out of the warranty period) I’d only trust the community to test these claims

That is more than a little disconcerting, luckily I have been using it every day and almost everyday plugged in.

Not a laptop I could recommend, yet.

The fact that they still need this (below) is not very comforting…:

I read this “rare” instances as unresolved.

I have been thinking of having a specific topic about the RTC as this topic referrences the AC power and my concern is that the focus on the RTC being almost unfit for purpose may get lost.

There is a topic @@ and I have privately messaged the OP to ask if I could hijack it and alter the title ~ they are OK with that.

So my question is would others think that’s worth a shot or rather keep it under this topic.

If it was a go I would ask a moderator to move the RTC posts to the ‘new’ topic.

Private request

Hi John

Rather than start a new topic I thought I may hi-jack yours and expand the discussion.

There’s an ongoing issue as to the use of a re-chargable RTC battery, so I would like to change the topic title to

RTC Viability of using rechargable battery

Wonder what you think



I am fine with that.

Yes, definitely move to a new thread if possible.


Thanks @Moe_Wigs I wait to see if that gets everyone’s support ??

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Ah my apologies, I did not realize this was related to general battery drain as I saw the RTC messages mixed in. I’m in favor of splitting it out to not derail the OP

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OK I have hijacked the other topic


I also bought my Framework for intermittent use for video and audio calibration and hobbies where I may be outdoors or away from AC. I typically only use the laptop for 30 minutes at a time with several weeks between. Every single time I’ve gone to use it, it will not boot without plugging in to AC even if the internal battery is 60%+. When I get into Windows, the time is off and it won’t connect to the internet until I manually set the time (Windows 11 won’t auto sync if the time is too far off). It is infuriating and completely unusable for me.

I bought this laptop because I wanted to support what the company is trying to do but this is the behavior expected of an extremely old computer with a dead cmos battery and should not be the behavior of a brand new expensive laptop that has only seen a handful of hours of use total.

I have Lenovo and Apple MacBook, even cheap Chromebook that can go unused for months and boot up just fine without AC for a quick task.

I have been on 3.07 since 5/1 and no improvement. Is there a real fix coming?

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Given you use, as you say, unusable, then maybe send it a support request rather than just asking on the forum.

I agree this is an appalling situation to be in :frowning:

I did. Support just replied and advised to charge for 24 hours and reset RTC - same as posted here in the forum. My support ticket as stated is that after some period without use, frame work laptop will not boot unless I plug in AC - even if there is plenty of juice in the battery. Support replying to tell me the fix is charging for 24 hours and resetting RTC is obvious that that are missing the point of the ticket entirely. I do not want to have to charge for 24 hours every time I want to use my laptop. There is 60% battery power or more in the main battery - it should boot up and just work. If I needed to be tethered to a wall, I would buy a desktop OR if I am out camping away from an outlet, I want to be able to power on my laptop for quick 10 minutes of use, I shouldn’t have to connect AC first.


Yes this resetting is an embarrasment. I hope there is going to be a solution.

I think there is a partial fix in the next BIOS / Firmware upadte that at least doesn’t require resetting the RTC.

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I don’t need to reset the RTC as it is now. I have to connect AC power. I want a solution that doesn’t require me to connect AC power each time I go to use the laptop even though the main battery has plenty of remaining power (and also require manual setting of clock).

I don’t understand what the reset is supposed to solve as it doesn’t fix the issue of requiring the AC again in the next 2-3 weeks.

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Yes this seems all down to the RTC going flat and not ‘sparking’ up the engine even with loads of fuel in the tank.

To this query, namely, this apparently dysfunctional RTC there is a dedicated topic.

Just to note, there seems to be two paths to start up the laptop once RTC battery is drained:

  1. The processor is not in a bad state: Plug in USB-PD to power up.
  2. The processor is left in a bad state (really low voltage?): Board reset and RTC battery pull is required.
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Support asked me to perform several troubleshooting steps, then offered to swap my main board but then after additional prodding, admitted the issue will not go away even with a new main board. They stated “This has not been an issue for the majority of customers” which means this has been an issue for at least SOME customers. I strongly encourage everyone in this thread to open a ticket letting them know you do not agree.

Does anyone else feel like framework has been evasive in admitting this is a design flaw? It took several back and forths with support before they finally admitted that there is no hardware OR software fix planned.


Hi I presume you are referring to the fact that the RTC discharges so quickly that it can’t support a power on.

a) it requires external power to up the voltage on the RTC to enable power on and
b) in the exteme case that the RTC voltage drops very low it needs removing, replacing and the latop put on charge for 24 hours to get the RTC up and running.

I want to be sure as I have this other topic trying to clarify that it is all down to the rechargable RTC not being fit for purpose, when the latop is switched off for a week or two.



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