Introducing the new and upgraded Framework Laptop

That some complaints are documented doesn’t mean they are common or true to many people.

I have no issues with sound via speakers or headphones?

Perhaps you have the Realtek audio chip? I and I believe the majority of users have the Tempo chip. Unless powered off no matter the volume there is constant static when using headphones, perhaps you cannot hear it with your headphones. I don’t hear the static from the speakers though.

Have a look at this site it has some nice audio clips to test and compare devices. Alternatively this YT video at ~450hz demos the resonance I and others have experienced.


Room for improvement then.

Agreed. To be clear I believe this is a universal issue with CMOS clips rather than a FW specific one.

Also agree. Nothing stops Framework from being the one to change the direction of the industry…like what it’s been doing with repairability.

i.e. Repairability goes hand in hand to also make things more robust…less repair to be needed.


The 12th Gen Mainboards do indeed come with a RTC battery to preserve the RTC clock when the main battery is disconnected or in ship mode. We’ve also improved reset circuits to prevent the RTC battery from needing to be removed to reset in the rare instances where the processor goes into a bad state with low RTC battery voltage like on 11th Gen.

Coin cell battery holders in general are pretty bad, but especially so when X/Y/Z need to be kept to a minimum to fit on a laptop mainboard. Since it should be exceedingly rare that that RTC battery needs to be cycled on the 12th Gen Mainboard, this shouldn’t be an issue in practice.


Did you ever think about using the Lenovo type CMOS battery with a standard lithium cell with a connector coming out of it? Even though it’s proprietary the battery you use can be hard to find at times?

It isn’t here in the US, admittedly it typically isn’t available in your local grocery or drugstore but there are stores dedicated just to batteries here such as Batteries+Bulbs. Literally all they sell is various batteries from automotive to coin cell and light bulbs of varying wattage. As always, there is always online purchasing options.

Any news on the “X Y Z” battery life ? :smiley:
JUst ordered my laptop and am hopping for a real battery life under ubuntu 22.04 …

PS: by the way the google transalte texte doesn t mean anything french :smiley: Need to update the inters aswell :smiley: Stand by while lid is closed = une durée de mise en veille de X heure avec le capot fermé. For now it says you have to wait hours for the lid to close Lol

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Awesome! That’s great to hear! Appreciate the details & improvement.

Any info regarding questions 3 and 4?

Between the 11th and 12th gen mainboards, I wonder which will get the TB4 certification first.

Looking at the GeekBench 5 multicore scores, where can we expect the Framework laptop to come in around?

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Just got the this reply from Framework Support asking about the unreachable 60W boost of my laptop:

Sounds like Framework Support is saying it’s wasn’t designed to be practically ‘capable’ of 60W boost… just ‘theoretical’ (Intel’s wording).

Sent a reply asking about Framework Support what the 60w Boost mentioned in product material is meant to convey then in this case…as it seems unattainable.

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This is a little concerning to me and I am very interested in knowing what tweaks I can do to get the laptop to its maximum potential.

That’s just my interpretation of the response from Framework Support.

Currently waiting for them to clarify what “60w boost” means…and how should we understand it, and have the right expectation (because it seems like the reply is saying what I expect is not what the laptop can do).



I’m not sure they ever advertised that it could indefinitely do 60W turbo

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I don’t expect ‘indefinitely’.

Here’s what was in mentioned in my ticket:
PROCHOT / Thermal Throttling is seen within 5 seconds, with max TDP only reaching around 51.5 – 52.2W.

Never reached 60W boost, let alone 60W for the duration of 25 – 30 seconds tau.

Man, this brings the question of the 30W and 60W numbers of the 12th gen mainboard. Is the 30W sustainable? (For the 11th gen, 28W was sustainable, which was really good)

Has the 12th gen mainboard cooling been improved to ‘reach’ 60W (“run up to”)?

Unless Framework is lying…

EDIT: It is worth noting that the i7-1280P isn’t mentioned there, probably because of the extra 2 cores.

Update from Framework Support with this response (including the red markup lines):

That 60W mention doesn’t look promising.

Some update:
Got the following response from Framework Support, specifically on what the “60w boost meant to convey”:
"Thank you for your inquiry.

As to what has been mentioned in the past conversation, this is a way to show off that it has the ability to boost and almost perform like a desktop processor.

Base on this, and previous replies, the ‘60w’ is not attainable with this laptop at room temperature (and Framework considers it ‘normal behavior’).

The ‘boost’ wording is meant to give a subjective sense of ‘like a desktop processor’. (And well, technically, it does boost / pl2)

Wish Framework would provide a more realistic number such a 50w or 52w, as that’s what seems to be reachable by a few users here.

Probably wise to ignore that “60w boost”…seems like marketing department at work here.

Yeah, I got played by the 60w numbers on paper. It’s not achievable.