LED matrix preset?

As much as I love making my own stuff, Is there anywhere or any way to get the fun stock presets and images and animations off of the matrixes? I really love some of the default ones that play when you start up the system or plug them in…

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you could look into the github for it, possibly. everything should be there thats connected to the input modules, tho i have no idea about how to take it out - im just an enthusiast… enthusiastically enthusing.


yeah reading now, seems there is alot preprogrammed but not really any solid answers or info. i would like to start the tetris game or make my own animations but unsure how to even begin… @Destroya any help? ideas? who may know or who to contact in the company…

Do you need guidance on where to start or do you wish to share your completed product with us? :eyes: We usually ask community programmers and developers to take a look at our GitHub as a starting point, I understand that you actually started reading what we have prepared there.

a couple of questions i have about the matrix leds,

  1. how do you send commands to the module?
  2. im just looking for an easy way to have the units run the tetris game, or display an image or text, or run the mic eq effect, but i see no options for this settings in the current build of the windows app. just want to set it and forget it, or save these presets as the default.

While I do not have the answers, I hope this thread might be helpful. and if not, the individuals in this thread might help you maybe :wink: