Project Requests: Doom and Bad Apple on the LED Matrices

I don’t have a 16 ordered, but I would like to see both Doom and Bad Apple played on the LED matrix displays. Seems like something, that would be easy enough, at least the Bad Apple one. Doom might be more involved. They’re the kind of projects that those little displays are begging to be used for!


Are you talking about input module LED Matrix which has 34 x 9 white LEDs? Even if you put 2 of them side by side the resolution is too low, IMO.
Maybe a game like tetris would be more suitable.

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I did not think of this. We definitely need Bad Apple at least! Maybe two matrices side-by-side for more room.

Someone is batch 1, come on, do it.

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I mean, it doesn’t have to be Good… it would just be funny to see those two things running on yet another device.

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Resolution does not matter, at least for Bad Apple. People have done it on a potato. 8 by freaking 8 LED matrix.

Here’s Bad Apple on a 24x16 LED matrix for an example of how it would look. Completely recognizable.

So 34 x 18 using two matrixes is more than enough.

The Framework LED matrix displays must play Bad Apple!

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Amazing :slight_smile: I wonder if the animation data would fit the chip memory, I guess it would. Then it would be able to play it completely independently from the host OS.

The matrix can do 256 levels of brightness. Nrp says you can run “animations at a reasonably high framerate”, I presume he means through the command-line utility. If so, then someone could just feed it right in.

Storing the animation on the module would take a little more effort. I haven’t yet been able to find that amount of memory on the LED matrix modules. But it’s an RP2040 same as the other input modules. And there is usually plenty of memory on RP2040 boards.

Just doing a bit of math, 3:39 minute long video * 12 fps * 34x18 pixels * 8bits = 12,866,688 bits (~1.571 KB). That’s just the raw pixel values. I don’t know how much other stuff you would need.

Half, since for 34x18 pixels it would stored on two boards. And RP2040 boards usually have megabytes of memory, 1 to 16MB.

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I realized that after posting. :sweat_smile: Looks like it’s plenty doable of a project then. I look forward to seeing someone do it.

Looking at the plate under the keyboard it might be possible to put 3 of the LED matrices next to one another if you don’t mind not having a keyboard. That would give someone a 34x27 space to work with.

That might be able to work ha ha… Just use the number pad and macro for actually controlling anything?

Bad Apple was already done by Framework themselves


Oh really? Whoops. Well, the two matrix version is still something someone could do.

If it exists, it will be made to run Doom.

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I don’t know about Doom but as a bit of a tinkerer I’d love to see a CircuitPython module written for the LED Matrix panels, since RP2040 seems well supported and CP makes it dead easy to conjure up all sorts of nifty displays (if you can write some basic Python anyway)

Hmm. Guess that’s what I get for posting before doing a basic search.

I’ll just go quietly sit in the corner and wait for batch 8 now… :sweat_smile:


I love this community, requesting Bad Apple on the LED Matrix is the most natural thing here, I love it.

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Playing Bad Apple!! on an LED matrix that is meant for displaying images feels like cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would only be impressed if at the same time the song is played by abusing the fan PWM or something. :))

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Hmmm. maybe the RGB macro pad would be the kind of thing you’d want to see used then.

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