Lenovo did one over Framework

A while ago I asked about having the keycaps on the keyboard swappable and the response I got is that the keycaps were fixed once installed.
Lenovo just came up with this:

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Can they just be ordered with “custom” keycaps, or are they user replaceable after the fact? The scissor mechanism looks extremely similar to what Framework (and most laptop keyboards) uses.

In my experience for probably decades with that type of key cap, they can be removed without damaging the mechanism if you are very careful, but it’s very easy to break one of the tiny “nubs” on the scissor mechanism, so they aren’t really “intended” to be removed and replaced.

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Honestly it’s not hard to switch the keycaps, I just did it for the FL13 as I position my right hand shifted one key to the right from the normal position. Therefore, I had to swap j and k to find the right position consistently.
The layout I’m using is called Colemak CAW, if you’re curious.